Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Don't have a picture to post today but have a humorous story instead. Sorry if anyone gets offended at the humour in our house ......

Scene: Just wrapping up reading bedtime stories, Mommy gets up to turn off the light and climbs back into Kaelen's bed for ten minutes of quality "love talk" time before tucking Kaelen in for the night.

Terms Used: Dewy = penis; Woodrow = erection; Love Talk = I love you's, kisses and hugs

Traditional Mommy Jobs: make boo-boos feel better by soothing with magical kisses

THE Conversation:

Mommy: I love you Kaelen
Kaelen: Me love you
Mommy: You are such a good boy. (Mommy kisses Kaelen on forehead)
Kaelen: Hug Mommy. Me kiss you. (lots of hugging and kissing exchanged)
Kaelen (with a half cry/whine): Mommy. Dewy hurts. Rub my dewy better Mommy. Rub my dewy.
Mommy: Rub your dewy?
Kaelen: Yes Mommy. Dewy hurts.

Silent Pause. Mommy thinking at first perhaps that his diaper was squishing his dewy, but then a dawning of comprehension came forth. The wisdom that was shared by hubby indicating that Kaelen often complains of a sore dewy when sportin a woodrow.

Mommy: Errr .... Mommy can't rub your dewy Kaelen. How about Mommy rubs your bum and gives you a big hug to make it feel better.
Kaelen: Noooooo. (now almost crying and clearly getting aggitated). Mommy kiss my dewy then? Kiss my dewy better?
Mommy: No honey. Mommy can't kiss your dewy better. Come here honey. Mommy will cuddle you and rub your back to make you feel better.

Silent Pause. Muffled noise is heard in the background.

Kaelen: What's that Mommy? What's that sound?
Mommy: That would be your Daddy laughing his pants off (listening to this conversation via baby monitor, upstairs in our bedroom).
Kaelen: Oh.
Mommy: Feeling better now?
Kaelen: Yes Mommy. Thank you Mommy.
Mommy: I love you Kaelen.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Very, VERY funny! Oh, the life of little boys! You never know what's gonna come out of their little mouth yet! Happy Wordy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

HA! I love it! The things that come out of that boy's mouth are sometimes just too good!!
I wonder what Paul would have done had it been said to him???

Breanne said...

Oh Allie, The joys of having a little boy. You gave me a good laugh, as well as a few girls in my office. One of them a soon to be mom again :o)

Jenn said...


Mike said...

That's funny. My 3-year old has another version:

"Daddy," my 3-year old one time said while taking a bath. "I can make my tweetie go up and down."

"I see," I said, trying to stop the conversation.

"Can you make your tweetie go up and down, Daddy?"

I smile. I nod.

Later that night, I told my wife about it. My 3-year old was listening.

"Can you make your tweetie go up and down, Mommy?" my 3-year old asked.

"No," my said.


"I don't have a tweetie."

"Oh, that's right," my 3-year old said. "You have boobs."


kate said...

that is so classic. i love how sincere he is! ha!!!! save that story to embarras him when h e's older.