Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweet Dreams and Wet Kisses

Life is so incredibly precious when you become a Mom. It is like the world is a brighter place and full of hope. When you look at your child, you just imagine what their potential can be in life. You know that you will be there to support them to achieve their goals, and that you will be there to hold them if they were to fail. You hope that they will have so much more than what you had in life and would go to great lengths to help ensure that it happens. For me though, as Kaelen grows each day, part of me becomes sad. I don't want my little boy to grow up just yet. Everyone keeps telling me that it only gets better as they get older, which I can imagine is true, but I want more time with him now. My son is so incredibly precious and I just can't get enough of the moments that we are having right now.

Since the day of Kaelen's birth, I have had this little thing where I rub noses with him, look him in the eyes and say "Hi Handsome. Do you know how much your Mommy loves you?"; and then give him a big kiss. 90% of the time, I end up with tears in my eyes as I am so overcome with love for this little boy. I just want time to stop so I can soak it all up even more.

Last night, I allowed myself the luxury of going to bed with him. My day was long, work was rough that day and I wasn't feeling the greatest. I just wanted to be around him because Kaelen brings me peace and happiness. The house was hot, the air was thick and heavy and Kaelen was restless. After 45 minutes of him wrestling around in bed, occassionally kicking me or banging into me, I was about to get up because I was becoming irritated.

Just as I was about to get up, Kaelen presses his soft little face against mine, nose to nose, and says "Hi. Hi. Hi. Mum baby" As I look into his smiling little face, he leans even closer to me and presses a wet sloppy kiss onto my cheek. In that moment, everything about that day, week and month before, was forgotten and I was infused with a warmth that I know was my heart swelling of love for this precious boy of mine. Did Kaelen know that Mommy just needed a simple gesture like that or, was it in his beautiful innocence that the timing was absolutely perfect?

I gathered him into my arms, cried and told him how much I loved him and then we wrestled around on the bed together with laughter and love. An hour later, Kaelen lay in his bed sprawled blissfully in slumber and Mommy reluctantly went to her bed.

But you know what? For the first time in two months, I had a good sleep.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Future Tiger Woods Perhaps?

My son is addicted to golf and hasn't even turned 2 yet! Every Friday (weather permitting), Daddy and Kaelen will go out to Heritage Pointe Golf Course (where Paul is the Head Golf Professional) and the two of them will hang out on the driving range, chipping and putting greens for a couple of hours. They have even been around the practice loop once (three holes consisting of a Par 4, Par 3 and a Par 5).

These pictures were taken 3 days ago. They spent the morning at the golf course, came home had a picnic, napped for an hour, went for a bike ride where they made a stop to feed the ducks at a pond by our house and then off to play for a couple of hours in the water park. Fridays are so much fun for the two of them and they pack so many adventures into one day. There are days that I have to admit that I am envious that I am missing out of all the fun having to be at work, but deep down I know that this is for the best as my two boys need together time away from me.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Peter Pan is Real!

Oh how the Girl Guide Goddess must have sent her wrath upon me last night by teaching me the fine lesson of not being prepared. By not practicing this diligent motto drilled into every young Girl Guide's memory, what could have been an opportune Kodak moment is now only a most endearing memory imprinted upon Mommy's heart and brain.

You see, Kaelen discovered his shadow last night (here on in referred to as Peter Pan). And, if you have a creative enough imagination, Peter Pan will actually play with you. For an hour, Kaelen ran around the living room screaming, dancing, jumping and talking with his newfound companion. He was overjoyed when he discovered if he ran down the hallway towards a bedroom, that it appeared as if he was the one who was chasing Peter Pan. And, when he turned around and ran back into the living room, Peter Pan was chasing him.

These two bosom buddies practiced their golf swings together, drove the fire truck and garbage truck around the room and discovered the fine art of talking in a secret language that Mommies can't decipher. Somewhere along the line, this newfound friendship went sour as Kaelen picked up the golf club and attempted to pulverize Peter Pan into mush. I must say that Peter Pan took the beating pretty well and got right up as soon as Kaelen turned his back. As Kaelen made his run for Mommy, darn it if Peter Pan didn't get his revenge by tripping Kaelen up just as he was within Mommy's reach. Needless to say, Kaelen didn't display the great sportsmanship that Peter Pan did and cried his little heart out. I figured this meant that it was the end of their friendship.

And, what was my lesson that the Girl Guide Goddess was trying to teach me? To always have spare batteries in my camera.

I missed the golden opportunity to capture this beautiful display of innocence and imagination in print. Even though it will forever be imprinted on my heart, I so wish that I could share it with Kaelen when he gets older to appreciate how truly endearing that hour was last night.

Gosh I love this little boy so much and love being a Mom!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Life is Luscious

I often wonder if I am the only person around who can so easily switch from loving every minute of life to just getting through a day. Being a full time working mommy, I of late find that I am just trying to making it through a day. When I was off with Kaelen and spending every minute with him, the days flew by as I was treated to his natural exuberance for life which is so contagious. Being able to bask in his victories and enthusiasm made me feel invincible and that we were capable of anything that we want to be. I loved our little adventures, the hugs every two minutes, the pure laughter and yes, the tears. Kaelen is such a beautiful little boy and I feel completely blessed to have this priviledge of being his mommy.

PS - I promise the pictures will be posted soon. I need to get batteries for the camera so I can download them still. Yes, I am a procrastinator but once I get home from work, I can't help but want to play with my little boy. The best thing too of late is that he does not want his crib anymore, so every night, I get to curl up next to him in his big boy bed and drift off in a blissful contented relax. The smell of your child, the trusting cuddle and nuturing they instinctively want from you; well there is just no better way to end my day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Meme for All Seasons

I love this idea! I guess still being somewhat new to the blogging world, this may not be the most freshest of concepts but it sure beats the email versions that get recycled.

I saw this meme from one of my new favourite blog sites, which happens to be of another very proud mommy. www.adventuresinbabywearing.blogspot.com

My Favourites for All Seasons:

1) Your favourite seasons, in order:
a) Fall
b) Summer
c) Winter
d) Spring

2) Your favourite smells for each season:
a) Fall - Fresh smell of earth as leaves cover the ground
b) Summer - Freshly cut grass
c) Winter - Crisp air while snow is falling
d) Spring - Rain showers

3) Your favourite foods for each season:
a) Fall - Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all of the trimmings (in Canada it is in October)
b) Summer - Backyard steak BBQ's with roasted potatoes and corn on the cob
c) Winter - Christmas holiday feasts that last into the New Year
d) Spring - Fresh salads with vegetables from the farmer's market

4) What are your favourite colours for each season:
a) Fall - Brown and Rusty Orange
b) Summer - Red and Grass Green
c) Winter - Deep Red, Burgundy, Silver Grey and White
d) Spring - Yellow and Blue

5) Your favourite activities for each season:
a) Fall - Raking leaves and jumping in the pile, carving Halloween pumpkins
b) Summer - Swimming in the lake and building sand castles
c) Winter - Tobogganing and building snowmen
d) Spring - Planting flowers and jumping in mud puddles

What are your favourites?