Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tickle Me Tuesday

Although Wordless Wednesday is tomorrow, I thought that I would post this to give everyone a giggle for today:

P.S.: You are looking for the baby ..... not E.T.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring Has Things A Bloomin

Over the weekend as I was out on various adventures with the kids, it really became clear to me that spring is here and summer is right around the corner. The grass is a gorgeous green from that snowfall last week, the flowers that managed to survive are bursting in vibrant colours, trees are returning to their original form (they were bent out of shape due to the wet heavy snow) and yes ..... there are many women sporting that beautiful full belly look.

Whether we were at the zoo, at the park, grocery store or mall, it seemed everywhere you looked, there was a beautiful pregnant woman walking by. For some women, this is going to be their third or fourth child and others their first. Some looked like they were ready to go any moment and others you could see that they were just starting to show. It made me reminiscent of my pregnancies and it made me also wish that I could be pregnant again. That won't happen unfortunately as the hubby is very contented with our two beautiful children and would prefer to have no more.

What else did we see? Well - breastfeeding mommies EVERYWHERE! You name the place and that is where they were: park benches, zoo display benches, in a nice shady area on a picnic blanket and in cafeterias. With the ambiance of children running and playing around them, husbands playing with their other children or if it was just the solitary mommy out with her baby, the sight was beautiful. I have never been one for public breastfeeding but that is only because my children were gifted with the curiosity of a cat. They are much too interested with what is going on around them and look like one of those bobbing dolls with all of their pulling on and off. I have tried it many times, even with putting a blanket around the front of my body to help block all of those interesting scenes going on but I swear that it drives them crazy so they start to squirm and fuss only to be able to get up and look around. So, if we are at the zoo or the mall, we have to find the nice and quiet nursing room and if we are at a restaurant, Mommy has to go and sit in the back of van. That is okay though. Those moments are just as beautiful as the public feedings.

All in all, the weekend pretty much screamed "Family" everywhere we went and I for one, enjoyed every single second with my children. There truly is just something about sunshine that makes people so very happy isn't there?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Like to Feel Pretty?

Hurry Fast! Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing is having a fabulous contest that is all about us ladies! Do you like to wear jewelry? I do. I am partial to topaz and silver as my favorite colour is brown and I try to wear it as much as possible. I love funky yet dainty earrings and bracelets. And, in the summer, I also tend to sport quite a bit of hemp necklaces and/or corral jewelry.

While you are surfing the net, check out this great website: Cheeky Jewelry. It has fabulous looking accessories over there that would make any woman feel divine. If I were to win Steph's fabulous contest and get the giftie? I would choose this. I just LOVE bracelets especially dangle charm like ones!!

Wanna enter the contest? Just visit Steph and hurry soon! The contest ends on Wednesday!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Aren't You Glad You Don't Live Here?

This is what we woke up to this morning: snow. Heavy wet stuff that has taken trees and power lines out. Thankfully I watched the news last night and they put on a weather snowfall warning so I was able to at least cover my flower beds in hopes to save them. I figure that we have about 3 inches at my place and I live in the deep south of the city. The north end of the city got a lot more of this wet stuff and it is wreaking havoc.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Big Brother's attempt to get his sister looking like a hip hop dancer. She had that chair a rockin I tell you!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

List of To Do Items:

Sigh ... mental note to self, company is coming again. Damn. Is the house clean? Nope. Is the yard ready for use? Nope.

List of things to get done sooner rather than later (as in deadline is Friday):

1. Finish the tedious landscaping project
2. Cut the lawn
3. Kill all of those freaking dandelions that are blooming EVERYWHERE in my yard! Anyone have a tried, tested and true method of getting a rid of these hideous things?
4. Vacuum house
5. Clean the killer toilets
6. Remove the inch thick dust in the house
7. Freshen the guest linen and towels
8. Fill the pantry and fridge with food and beer

Now, on the second hand if I didn't accomplish all of this, then perhaps no one would want to stay with us .....

Kind of evil aren't I ....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Today on this holiday Monday as I sit in the middle of my computer room/office sipping hot tea and colouring pictures with my son, I look out the window and become saddened. Why? It is snowing out my friends; big fluffy flakes are a coming down. Now, thankfully it poured rain out all last night so the ground is so soppy that the flakes aren't sticking but come on now: we are nearing the end of May and still getting snow?

I think that it is time for us to move. Anyone know of a golf course down south that is in need of a head golf professional?

Mommy's a Super Hero!

Nothing feels better than when your child wraps their arms around you and tells you that they love you right? Or .... how about when your child tells you that you are a super hero and are better than Daddy?

The Scenerio:
Mommy decides that the lawn needs to be cut as the little man is going on safari adventures within it and could get lost. Bundling up the baby and placing her in her car seat upon the porch, Mommy pulls out the temperamental lawn mower hopes against all hopes that this nasty thing will start for her. This thing has often been the cause for an interesting colourful display of choice words from Daddy when trying to start it up.

Kaelen: Whatcha doing Mommy?
Mommy: I am going to attempt to mow the lawn bud, but it will all depend on whether I can get this thing started. (I am now checking to ensure that there is gas in it)
Kaelen: Oh. Why don't Daddy do it?
Mommy: Good question Bud (as I mumble it under my breath). Because Daddy is really busy with work Honey and probably won't have a chance to do it for awhile.
Kaelen: Oh.
Mommy: Here we go Kaelen. Wish Mommy luck.

And heck if you wouldn't know it, the rusty old piece of tin started upon the second pull of the cord!

Kaelen: Yay Mommy!! (as he jumps up and down)
Kaelen: You are better than Daddy, Mommy! It takes Daddy a long time! You a Super Hero!!

Yep. This was three days ago and I am still living in that euphoric high of accomplishing this feat knowing that for one time in my son's life, I will have been a super hero to him. It even made the day better when the hubby came home in disbelief that I managed to get the rust bucket started.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I love music. I will listen to most kinds of music, but happen to love the 80's and hip hop. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I can belt out the lyrics of Eminem or 50 cent yet can name that tune to almost any genera within the first couple of beats. Combined with my sister, we are the people that you would want to have on your team for Name That Tune.

This morning, I was cleaning and found a CD that I had made when I was pregnant with my son. Curious to see what was on it, I plugged it into the stereo and out came a bunch of songs that I hadn't heard in a while. When I was pregnant with my son, when I would get caught in rush hour traffic in the car, I would crank this CD to sit back and relax. Every time the song by Usher, Little John and Ludicrous "Yeah" came on, my son would bounce around in my belly. Truly.

And ... from the looks of this picture, he clearly hasn't forgotten that song. As soon as it came on, he ran downstairs, grabbed a hat and put it on backwards and started grooving to the beat. His moves put Usher to shame really .....

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Calgary Stampede 2006

I am looking forward to this year's Stampede to get our newest addition included into a picture. She was in my tummy in this picture ......

Monday, May 14, 2007

3 Months .... Tomorrow

Just because I may not have the chance to get online tomorrow, I just thought that I would chat about it today. My baby is going to be three whole months tomorrow!! Where is the time going?

What are her accomplishments of late? Well, Masyn can roll over onto her tummy, if she is place sitting on a slight slant she can almost pull herself up into the sitting position (but will fall over as she isn't strong enough to stay sitting), she has excellent control of her head so can now be found in her jolly jumper and exersaucer. Each day she is starting to get a little more vocal which Kaelen finds to be so very funny. Here is a picture of her fresh out of the bath from a couple of days ago:

Gosh I love being a Mommy! It just can't get any better than what I am experiencing now with my two little ones. These two are truly the best of friend right now:

How on earth am I ever going to go back to work when my mat leave is done? I think that it is truly going to kill me ......

Sunday, May 13, 2007


To all women out there: Happy Mother's Day! Whether you are a mommy to a child or a pet, an aunt or a friend, we as women have the ability to nurture all that is around us, thus this day is for all of us.

For me, Mother's Day is a day for me to celebrate this privilege of being a mom; not for my children and husband to recognize me. I know that they love me and I know that I am appreciated. Instead, I would rather focus upon this day about what it means for me to be a Mom.

For me, being a Mom is a special honor that has been given to me. I have the awesome challenge of raising two beautiful children and it is my duty to ensure that I have taught them all that I feel is important in life. To ensure that they are showered in unconditional love and grow up in a safe and healthy environment. To encourage them to believe in themselves and always be that soft place to fall should they stumble. To teach them to respect others and respect themselves. To encourage them to reach their dreams no matter how impossible they may seem and to find the lessons in mistakes. To find the ability to laugh at themselves and comfort those in need. To show them just how important family is and to always rely upon one another. And most importantly, to take the enjoyment out of life by living for each day.

I truly love being a Mom and cherish every moment that I experience. The good days and the long days; no matter what kind of day it is, I appreciate it just as much as the other.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spring Has Sprung

With the sunshine out and the occasional rain fall, the flowers are blooming, trees a budding and grass is getting green. What else is growing? Miss Masyn is! Okay ... and I will fess up, so it appears is my butt.

Yesterday, the little man and I took Masyn in to check on her weight at the local public health unit. For me, I am neurotic about ensuring my kids get enough moo when breastfeeding and because I am demand feeding with Masyn, that means no pumping for me. It drives me nuts because I am always concerned that she may not be getting enough especially when you see other babies wolf down 5 - 6 ozs of formula per feeding. I find it hard to fathom that her 5 minute barracuda like feeding puts that much in her tummy. Well my friends, it appears that she is doing just fine. Her last weigh in was on April 16 which she was 10 lbs 2 ozs and was 22 inches long. Yesterday: 11 lbs 7 ozs and 23 1/2 inches long!! I convinced myself that I measured her length wrong and even had the nurse double check. I mean, she grew 1 1/2 inches in less than a month!!

And to make it all fun, I always weigh and measure Kaelen. Nothing changed for him since the 16th, he is still 35 lbs and 38 inches in height. What was sad though, was he was very insistent that Mom get on the scale. I was good natured about it last month, wanting to have an idea if I had lost any since birthing Masyn, but knew that there wouldn't be much difference this month. Sigh .... of the 32 lbs that I gained with Masyn, I have only lost 12 of those.

I keep reminding myself that for me to lose weight, I need to do cardio exercise and for me, running will melt the pounds off within a couple of weeks. HOWEVER, when I did attempt to run last week, these massive boulders hanging off my chest were screaming in discomfort and that was even with 2 bras on! I find that I am constantly in a mental battle with myself. The war going on within is that I selfishly want to stop breastfeeding so I can start to exercise hard again, but doing so, I feel guilty that I will be cheating Masyn out of the good nutrients that are obviously doing so well for her. The guilt is strong enough that it wins out and I am going to continue breastfeeding Masyn for a while longer. My hubby tells me not to be so hard on myself; that I only had a baby just under three months ago. But when your clothes don't fit and you wear the same thing everyday, it just gets a little disheartening. Sad really. Sad that I need to be so obsessed with my body image, fueled by the fact that I can't wear my old clothes and that I am too cheap to buy new ones seeing as I am dedicated to lose these 20 luscious pounds.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Look who is in the Jolly Jumper already!!

Monday, May 07, 2007

What is Your Parenting Style?

Before I became a mother, I have to admit that I was guilty of judging others in their parenting skills. Judging in the sense that their way was either right or wrong for me and if it were wrong, I would make a mental note to myself that I would never do that.

Everything changed once I became a mother and I realized that parenting is a day to day learning experience. That there isn't necessarily a set way to do things as children have this way to constantly throw little tests your way and it is up to you in how you deal with it. I would say that my parenting style is a strict one. My children have defined rules to follow such as remembering to say please and thank you when they would like something, to always respect their playmates and look out for their feelings. I expect my children to clean up after themselves when playing whether it be at home or at someone else's place and to listen to adults when an adult is speaking to them. I have friends that jokingly call me the Military Mom, but for me personally, it is important to me to teach my children what I value as important tools for life. I make it fun for them as they are young and I am lucky that I rarely have to raise my voice if they were to get out of hand. Not everyday is perfect, but I am confident enough that if I were to leave my children with someone, that they will be well behaved individuals.

There are repercussions in this household if a rule is broken. If my son would like something without saying please, then he will not get what he has asked for. If my son's behaviour starts getting out of hand (like aggressiveness or not listening) then he will receive a five count. If Mommy or Daddy get to five, then my son will lose a privilege such as watching a Diego show, or if he is really out of hand, then he will receive a spanking. Now spanking is not for all people, in fact many people do not believe in it, which is fine. But for me, I think that I have spanked my son, on his diaper butt at that, maybe two times in his life. It started out with time outs but there came a time when time outs were ineffective, so the swat on the butt was our next step. The lessons from those have been learned though; he knows that he has crossed the line of unacceptable behaviour. I very rarely ever threaten him with a spanking because just the threat of losing out on the ability to watch a Diego show is enough motivation for my son to behave.

I feel that it is my duty to also be very informed with my children's lives. When my son was in his day home, I felt it was so very important to know how he was during the day: Did he have a good day and if not, why? Was he just having an off day or was something bothering him. Every day after work, I would sit down with him and ask him how his day went. And now, with me being at home on maternity leave, at bedtime we lie in his bed and talk about the day. These are the times that I learn from him. I learn what his feelings are about certain things that happen throughout the day. It is also an opportunity to talk about a lesson learned if we happened to come across a hiccup in our day. I plan on doing this with both my son and daughter well into their teens. I feel that it is so very important to have communication with your children and even if they happen to be mad with you, that they still know that you can love them despite their feelings.

I think that the biggest part of my job as a parent though is to consistently shower my children with love. To hug them, to kiss them and to praise them often throughout the day. To encourage them to accomplish little challenges and to hold them for their little failures.

For me, this kind of parenting works. I know that my way is not for all and that it is not necessarily right. But the important thing is that it works for me and it is working for my family.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Playtime Fun

Yesterday was a fun little day despite the dreary pouring rain outside. My good friend Karen brought over her crew of delightful little munchkins to my house to play. Karen and I have this uncanny knack of getting pregnant at the same time hence our children are all born within a month of one another.

Kaelen and Cadence are just under two months apart and look so good together don't you think? Kaelen was trying in vain to get Cadence to play hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer or basketball with him. He hasn't quite figured out that other kids would like to play something other than sports. Here is a moment that Cadence decided to go easy on Kaelen and let him try to teach her how to play lacrosse:

They just look so cute together don't you think?

This next pic is of our new babies. Samuel and Claire are one month older than Masyn, however look how big these little twins are!! I still can't get over how chubby and cute they are! They make Masyn look like a twiggy little thing don't they?

Hopefully our children will have the opportunity to continue to grow up with one another and form life long friendships. I know that I was certainly blessed upon meeting Karen via my husband a couple of years ago, for Karen is truly an amazing woman. Over the five years of knowing each other, we have shared our ups and downs with one another and it has been so reassuring to have her support when I needed someone to lean on. I am guilty of not keeping in touch in the past; getting all wrapped up in work and family. We live in the same city but picking up the phone to arrange a play date was always passed to the side with distractions. I am committed now to ensure that doesn't happen. With our kids the same ages and the conversations always good, it guarantees a good time to be had by all.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A Sad, Sad Day

Well folks, the inevitable happened last night. Despite our firm faith in our Vancouver Canucks, the boys lost their Stanley Cup quest to the Anaheim Ducks in double overtime.

Our goalie was outstanding as usual and unfortunately it seems that he is human after all and couldn't stop what appeared a relatively easy shot. We are not getting down on him though like other fickle fans as he just proved last night by stopping 60 of 62 shots fired at him that he is the reason why the Canucks were so successful this year and why he should be the MVP this year.

We only hope that Nonis (the GM for the Canucks) during this off season goes out and acquires a big stand up guy to help protect Luongo who throughout the whole year seemed to get knocked around and of course we need some firing power up front. All season we struggled to score goals but somehow found ways to win.

Sigh ....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mommy's in the Doghouse

This is what happens when this Mommy is couped up in the house all day with an infant and preschooler on a dreary rainy/snowy day. In my defense though, he did continue to ask for it:

Yep. Daddy is pissed. I think that he fears that Kaelen's masculinity has been compromised now .....

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Weepy Wordy Wednesday

Today it is official; I am losing my best friend. It sounds dramatic but that is how it feels. For 32 of my almost 35 years, I have had the ability to see or do something with my sister; my best friend. At 2:00 pm today, she will board a plane and fly onto this excellent opportunity of a job for her. She will make a new life for herself in Vancouver and I will have to learn to be content with seeing her maybe once a month. We will chat to one another on a daily basis via the phone, but it is just not the same. We won't have that ability to just hang out to act silly, cheer one another up or work up a little mischievousness. All the spontaneity that we had will have to now be planned for weekend vacations.

My hubby points out that the time that we do get to spend together now will be that much more meaningful and full of quality, but I can't imagine that the times that we did have were any less. I am spoiled to have had the luxury of having a sister to hang out with whenever, and am spoiled to have the privilege of having a sister that I can honestly say is my best friend. Her moving to a different city doesn't make her any less than a best friend, it just feels like I am losing a piece of me.

My sister is devastated at the thought of leaving my kids, that they will forget who she is or will play strange at first when she does see them. That won't happen because my kids will know just how important she is to me and will get to know her through all of the mailings we will send her, the daily phone calls and the web casts that we do.

So good luck Christie. I am so very proud of you for taking this big step in your life. For taking the risk to better yourself and your career. I will miss you so very much.