Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Weepy Wordy Wednesday

Today it is official; I am losing my best friend. It sounds dramatic but that is how it feels. For 32 of my almost 35 years, I have had the ability to see or do something with my sister; my best friend. At 2:00 pm today, she will board a plane and fly onto this excellent opportunity of a job for her. She will make a new life for herself in Vancouver and I will have to learn to be content with seeing her maybe once a month. We will chat to one another on a daily basis via the phone, but it is just not the same. We won't have that ability to just hang out to act silly, cheer one another up or work up a little mischievousness. All the spontaneity that we had will have to now be planned for weekend vacations.

My hubby points out that the time that we do get to spend together now will be that much more meaningful and full of quality, but I can't imagine that the times that we did have were any less. I am spoiled to have had the luxury of having a sister to hang out with whenever, and am spoiled to have the privilege of having a sister that I can honestly say is my best friend. Her moving to a different city doesn't make her any less than a best friend, it just feels like I am losing a piece of me.

My sister is devastated at the thought of leaving my kids, that they will forget who she is or will play strange at first when she does see them. That won't happen because my kids will know just how important she is to me and will get to know her through all of the mailings we will send her, the daily phone calls and the web casts that we do.

So good luck Christie. I am so very proud of you for taking this big step in your life. For taking the risk to better yourself and your career. I will miss you so very much.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

You two are beautiful! Very sweet post- makes me wish I had a sister.

Ashley's Mom said...

Distance will not diminish the love you have for each other. You will make it work.

I know it will be hard to smile today, but I am proud of you for being proud of your sister!

kate said...

oh what a bummer. for all of you! losing a sis and an auntie to the distance. hopefully you will find ways to stay close and see each other.

and THANKS for your input on my poop post. much appreciated. i'll look for colace. assuming it's not a prescription thing. . .

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Aw, so sweet! I hope you both do well during this difficult time. You sound like wonderful sisters!!!


Jenn said...

You are lucky to have such a great sister.


daniellemclellan said...

I know it is hard to believe but when you liv farthur apart you grow closer. You start to realize how special they are and it is almost like you love them more and miss them less. I don't want to think about the day I have to say bye to my sister because we are moving apart. I have really gotten use to having her here, but I know that when we are apart our bond and friendship will never be lost.
Also the kids will just love Auntie even more because she will really spoil them when she sees them once a month, and they will really treasure their time with her and remember all of the fun stuff Auntie did with them on her visit.