Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is There A Tooth Fairy In The House?

He has wiggled, pulled and twisted on it since the moment of the great discovery: the first loose tooth. And, after three weeks of intense anticipation, eagerness and a bajillion questions about the beautiful, yet elusive fairy, the all too great moment has arrived:

He has been on Cloud Nine since the great loss. And dinner? Lets just say that he could not stop marvelling at the fact that he could eat dinner with only 19 teeth. Going to bed was an ordeal because well, how does that fairy know that his tooth came out tonight? And/or, how will she find his tooth which is lovingly wrapped up and tucked away in a tooth pocket on a tooth fairy pillow.

I wonder if he will actually get any sleep tonight or not ......

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Princess Blessing

Three years ago today, you my dear Masyn, blessed our lives. You were a precious gift beyond my imagination and dreams.

I look back and shake my head at myself and the instant fear that I experienced when I was told that you were going to be a girl. Your dad and I were given the confirmation during an ultrasound at 28 weeks during one of your routine gymnastics performances within my belly. Just the thought of a girl had me worrying about how to raise one, how to love her to the fullest and of course, how to deal with the dramatics that comes with raising a female. I have always been boy crazy and have always found that they were the much easier gender to relate to on many occasions. I was terrified that we would never relate to one another and have poor communication. But the moment that I heard your precious cry upon leaving my stomach, all of those fears vanished. The instant I had you within my arms, the feeling of contentment and rightness was overwhelming.

Now, three years later, you have proven to me that girls are a precious gift indeed. How silly I was with those fears because I just can't imagine my life without my girl. Your diva like dramatics are both entertaining and enlightening. Dressing you in style and watching you come up with your own sense of style is so satisfying. Teaching you to believe in yourself and that you can do anything that you dream to, is fulfilling. I look forward to the future and watching you grow into a beautiful young woman, whose radiance will brighten all within your path.

Happy Birthday Princess; I love you so very much.