Monday, October 31, 2005


Scared you didn't I? Or was it our scary pumpkins?

It is Halloween night and all of the goblins are likely tucked into their beds blissfully dreaming of the mountains of candy that they will consume over the next week. My little bulldog - a no go. There was no way on earth was that costume going to be put over his head today. Nor, was there any way that you could peel him off of Mommy to go outside to check all of the spooktacular hauntings going on.

So, we just settled on watching Daddy have the time of his life making the scarecrow on our porch talk to all of the little goblins at our door tonight. Paul really does take true pleasure of sticking a two way radio in the scarecrow and trying to either scare the big kids or make the little ones laugh. I think though, that it is the adults who are chaperoning the kids that get the most pleasure out of it.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

After searching for a pumpkin late yesterday afternoon, we came home with three perfect ones (not that our choices were all that great, leaving it to the last second). Mommy cut the tops off and Kaelen attempted to gut them out. Needless to say, Kaelen enjoyed every moment of exploring and getting his hands dirty!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I know that it is a day early and all, but thought that I would get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Our little munchkin was supposed to be a bulldog this year, however he has gone on yet another growing spurt within the last couple of weeks. As a result, his cute little costume no longer fits him. The costume is great - it barks when you press the red button by the chin!

Hope that you all have a happy and safe Halloween and that the little goblins that come haunting your door tomorrow night bring you the joy of what Halloween is supposed to be about - children having fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mastering the Spoon

Being the proud mommy that I am, you tend to think that your child is beyond brilliant and receives all of the good traits in you. Any bad traits of course come from the other parent.

In this instance, I strongly believe that Kaelen has inherited his father's eating techniques. Dinner time of late can be a long, messy experience but as long as Kaelen is having fun that is all that counts right?

Monday, October 24, 2005

The Stork Forgot the Instruction Manual

When one has been blessed and their child pretty much sleeps through the night (okay, since May anyways), mom and dad tend to get complacent and spoiled in our sleeping patterns. But when your child decides to throw a curve ball at you, you become frustrated and at a loss as to how to handle the situation. How would you rate your parenting skills?

It is 11:30pm and your child wakes up crying. Do you:
Let him cry it out for a couple of minutes in hopes that he goes back to sleep
b) Go and check on him to ensure that all is okay
c) Check for a poopy diaper

It is 11:40pm and your child is still crying. Do you:
Let him cry it out for a little longer in hopes that he will soon go back to sleep
b) Cave in and bring him into your bed in hopes that a cuddle will settle him down to sleep
c) Check for a poopy diaper

It is 1:30am and your child is wired and will not go back to sleep. Do you:
Let him cry just a little longer. He should go to sleep soon right?
b) Continue to lie in your bed and pretend that you are sleeping while he crawls all over you
c) Check for a poopy diaper

It is 2:10am and your child is crying his heart out and trying to make himself puke. Do you:
a) Let him cry and scream for another 45 minutes in hopes that he will eventually go to sleep
b) Go into his room and yell "Shut Up" in hopes that will inspire him to sleep
c) Check for a poopy diaper

It is 3:00am and your child is still crying in his crib with screams to ensure that you realize that he is still standing there expecting you to check on him. Do you:
Let him continue crying, self induced puking and screaming in hopes that he will sleep
b) Cave in, go make a warm bottle of milk and cuddle him with the bottle knowing that he will go to sleep
c) Wonder if that smell could really be a poopy diaper that you should have checked hours ago

If you have answered:
- to all of the above, you are obviously deaf
b - you are likely tired because you got no sleep
c - your child has severe diaper rash
A combination of a, b and c - you are just as confused as us.

It has now become glaringly obvious that the stork forgot to provide the instruction manual on how to deal with episodes like this. That, or Paul and I are still considered major rookies in this game called Parenthood.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Future Canuck?

There is a theory out there that claims that parents will influence their child to accomplish dreams and goals that they had never accomplished. There are certainly many things that I want Kaelen to have or experience that I never had a chance on, but those desires are not materialistic.

Now, we all know just how much Paul and I love the Vancouver Canucks. And, I am often found joking about how much I would love for Kaelen to play hockey and we all know that Paul will ensure that Kaelen is successful in all sports that he decides to attempt.

Looking at these pictures, I just can't help but wonder if Paul and I have a hidden agenda on what we want Kaelen's career and achievements to be.......

The Whittinghams leap into the new millennium

At the suggestion and encouragement of a good friend, welcome officially to the Whittingham family blog.

And seeing as I am not the greatest at keeping in touch with updates, you will no longer have an excuse to make me feel guilty. I will try on a weekly basis if not more to keep you all updated with our exciting family life. Mainly of Kaelen's progress.

So here is to a new relationship of communication. I hope that you will enjoy our rather boring, quirky life as a new family!