Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Laptop Blues

Dear Mr. Laptop,

I was so very excited when I first got you. I dreamed of what a fabulous relationship that we would have and together, we would capture all of life's finer and not so fine moments together. Your sleek look and design would allow for me to be portable and not stuck at a desk with Mr. Archaic PC.

The relationship while starting out great has soured over the past 7 months. You are becoming increasingly difficult to work with and make it all to easy for me to waive the white flag in defeat. Your obstinance in allowing me to access Blogger on a daily basis is down right rude and shall I even mention your mood swings with Facebook?

So my darling, you have forced my hand and I am now obligated to take drastic measures. In the very near future, you are going to be wiped out. Like totally wiped out. Lose all of your memories and bad habits. And hopefully, I will luck out and find a fabulous program that will allow you to be trained and work with me in a professional, friendly manner.

In the meantime, I am working on renewing my bond with Mr. Archaic PC because he seems to be pleased when I use him and cooperates accordingly. Sadly for him, he is stuck in a corner of the basement in a drafty, dark old office and sadly for me, that means I will have to battle the evil basement monsters on a nightly basis in order to share my life with the rest of the world on blogger.

Yours truly,

A Frustrated Mom

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Getting the Grief

Blogger is getting even with me - it has been virtually impossible to get into my blog to post for almost a week now.

But as Murphy's Law prevails, I can get in now but I don't have to time to post as the munchkins are getting rowdy.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Losing Touch

Dear Facebook, Blogger, Loyal Readers and Silent Lurkers,

At one time, I was one of those who were dead set against you, Facebook. I pegged you as a passing fad and there was no way on earth that I was going to jump on that bandwagon. I had been there and done that with MSN chatting and well, I became obsessed with it. My passion at that time was to capture my life and my experiences with Motherhood, enter Blogger. Blogger, you were my passion and I still think about you often. You poke me with silent guilt every day as I steadily ignore you and find multiple excuses as to why I can't sit down for five minutes and diarize my life. The blame of my lack of ability to keep you updated on my life can be placed solely on the smug shoulders of Facebook. I am sorry I am letting you down Blogger, but I will endeavour to make it up to you by attempting to post at least twice a week. It is a small goal really, but if I can accomplish that, then I will be fired up to do it at least four times a week.

As for my loyal readers, gosh I love you guys. But lets be honest here, you are most of my friends on Facebook too so my lack of initiative to post is also your fault cause we talk amongst each other everyday.

And you lurkers? Well .... you might give me more incentive to post our life adventures a little more if you didn't lurk and chose to leave me a comment as opposed to the occasional guilt ridden phone call or email.

In the big picture though, I am back and watch out. Equipped with that handy new camera and children who are entertaining as hell, I have the goods to keep everyone happy whether you Facebook me, Blog comment me, phone me or email me.

Yours truly,