Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like Father, Like Child

It is scary really at how much my children look like their father first thing in the morning ....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mexico: The Drunken Version

Ahhh .... the much anticipated truth and revelation has arrived. The question begs to be asked: what do you get when:

  • You have one mother away from her children for the first time;
  • Another mother on a vacation with her two adult children for the first time in six years;
  • A daughter with a massive work load due to the upcoming Winter Olympics;
  • An all inclusive, non limiting paradise resort facility;
  • When Mother Earth decides that it should rain rather than allow for us to become sun goddesses?

The answer is as follows. However, the following disclaimer must be presented first:

We, the drunken entertainers, vacationers and ladies extraordinaire, do not take responsibility for the poor quality of the photos as shown below. We would like to say that all photos were taken during times of extreme laughter, the occasional slur and eagerness to consume more of the fine Mexican tequila and rum, and can say with certainty, that while you may not see the humor within these pictures, we do and will break into giggles upon looking at them. So having said that, peruse these pictures at your own risk.

And now we begin:The fun began right in the Vancouver Airport. After a few Bellinis at Milestones, we were pretty convinced that Christie was going to have a few issues in her quest for gold at the Olympics.

After a few glasses of champagne, gin and tonics, Baileys and coffee and a 6 hour flight in first class, this is what we were greeted to upon stepping out of the Cancun Airport in search of our shuttle:
One beer and two shuttles later, this is what we were greeted to upon sitting in the shuttle that was finally going to take us to the correct hotel. Needless to say, we giggled and had to take proof that we were going to heed to the subtle suggestion:

The Mexican Fiesta Festival. Perfect for our first night and it gave us a chance to take mental notes of activities that we were likely to partake in later on in the week. Activities such as singing with the mariachi band, tequila tasting or even bull riding. For me, I knew that two of the three were likely a shoe in and it wasn't going to be in an attempt to eat the worm.

Us three ladies after waaayyyy too many Banana Sexy drinks on our first rainy day

Me erm .... performing as usual to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go by Wham! This was all due to excessive consumption of Banana Sexys

Said evil drink: Banana Sexy

Our rainy day bartender extraordinaire, Benjamin along with a drunken Christie attempting to make a Banana Sexy

Christie giving up and just hoping for a little coconut rum direct from the source

The three chocolate messes still sitting at the pool side bar, in the rain at 5:00 pm

Us, one hour later at the Italian restaurant. We won't mention that Miss Sherry was so intoxicated that she does not remember eating at this restaurant and her only form of communication was an attempted slur.

Christie practising her pirate ways ..... in an Italian restaurant.

Christie and I the next night at the Asian restaurant, only slightly intoxicated. A large improvement from the previous day.

And due to the slight intoxication, I was amazed at this large hummingbird like moth. While Sherry and Christie were running away screaming, I had to pick it up to check it out and of course take a picture. Don't worry, my scream came shortly thereafter when it wouldn't get off my hand.

Sherry (my mom) and me at the Pure Restaurant, which is a 8 course fancy establishment. How on earth did they let us in?

And this is just one of the many reasons why we were permanently intoxicated: a help yourself premium bar. Not only do you have bartenders and bars everywhere, when you stay in the adult section, you also have free access to pretty much whatever you want liquor wise.

Another day, another drink and another situation where I thought that I was a glamor goddess.

Yes, we were bellied up to the pool bar on one of our only sunny days.

The glamor goddess was back .....

Some of the local wild life and no .... I am not capable to making something as such.

Sherry and Christie sampling some of Mexico's finest ....

After days of trying to convince the lifeguard to re-enact a Baywatch scene with me, he decided instead to drop his drawers, thinking that is was a much safer option.

And of course, I couldn't resist riding the mechanical bull .... twice. But I can proudly say that I stayed on for 8 seconds my second go around.

Sigh ... I am so going to miss Pancho, the donkey with a moustache.

Well, that is it .... for now folks. Until next year or my next trip, Adios Amigos!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mexico - The Magazine Version

Located in a quaint little village called Puerto Morelos, only 15 minutes from the Cancun Airport, the NH Riviera Cancun Resort is a little gem pretty close to paradise. The facility has only been open since November of 2008 with the air of trendy sophistication in the decor and the lushness of tropical beauty on the outside.

Need a break from the dreary winter outside? Look no further than below for a little dreamy getaway! Tomorrow's post? Mexico - The Drunken Version.

And yes, if you were wondering, these photos were taken by me with my fabulous new camera that Santa so thoughtful gave me for Christmas.