Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mommy Loves Weekends

I love weekends! I know that I am just one person amongst millions who would also agree. But....what are their reasons?

I love the weekends because it means that I get to spend two entire days with Kaelen. I can play with him, get frustrated at times with him and teach him things. The one that means the most to me right now is that I can share his nap times with him. My mother and mother-in-law are likely cringing as they read this, but yes - I love sleeping next to my son while he naps.

There is just something so peaceful and relaxing when your child trustingly slumbers at your side. It is the essence of contentment at times for me. When he curls his little body into mine and the gentle snore that sometimes comes with it, it just allows me to forget about all of the worries of the week and relax myself. He is like a sleeping angel, full of so much innocence and potential. It is humbling for me. And while I just drift off to a beautiful sleep myself, there is often a tear or two thanking God or whom ever, for giving me this precious little boy. It is an honour that I am thankful for everyday of my life.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Yes....he is sick again.....

The question is, is he really sick? Is it teething or does he have a cold? Who really knows. Parenting is truly is an artform of guessing what an issue at hand is.

Last night, poor little Kaelen was coughing his lungs out which often brought forth a result of puking. Even if there wasn't anything in his stomach, he would puke. Then came along diarrhea. Paulie, being the trooper daddy that he is, did 4 loads of laundry last night. Kaelen went through 2 sets of sheets on our bed, 2 on his own, a half dozen towels to clean up the puke and 8 sets of pyjamas.

We decided to keep him home today to get better, and doubt very much whether the daycare would have taken him anyways. Kaelen was glued to mommy all day long and had a few good moments but mostly bad. Crying spells, firey red cheeks, major runny nose, the nightmare of a cough but thankfully no puking and no diarrhea. A little fresh air in the early afternoon perked him up a little, but not enough to peel him off of mommy.

At bed time however, he developed a fever. He has now been sleeping soundly for 2 1/2 hours and I am praying (as is Daddy), that he remains so until 6 AM tomorrow. All three of us need our beauty rest and mommy's arms need a rest from supporting 26lbs of a sick little boy.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Playboys Bunnies....Eat Your Hearts Out!

Move over Mr. Heffner, the latest and greatest of a fine male specimen is here to stay. Not only is he better looking, he definitely has age on his side and is very attentive to a lady's cuddling needs.

A big thanks to Uncle Rob for giving Kaelen this gorgeous authentic Thai satin robe and check out the artwork on the back! Isn't he the cutest male you have ever seen?

Now....only if I can work on that obsession with the remote......

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sigh...The Men of My Dreams

The one on the right is a definite dreamboat. I am just not sure of the one on the left some days........

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Happy Birthday to the World's Best Daddy!

Although you are only the ripe old age of 34, Paulie, you are still looking damn fine.

Kaelen is a lucky little boy to have a fun, outgoing, caring and loving father like you!!

We both love you very much!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Apparently we are all idiots.......

Today has been my final straw in defending the medical system. It always drove me nuts to hear of others complain about the waiting rooms, a doctor's bad advice or how long it would take to get surgery. I would always chalk things up to doctors are human and make mistakes too or if you had to wait forever, that is at the fault of the government and our social system. Maybe you just happened to have a bad day -who knows, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Call it ignorance; call it naivety, but whatever you want to call it, it no longer exists with me. I am now a proud cynic of the medical system and doctors in general.

Kaelen has been to numerous doctor appointments in his young life already. Everytime we go somewhere for something, I feel like a narotic mother putting my child through pointless exercises, however, I am too scared not to do them because that shadow of doubt has been created by the doctor. I know that it is always better to be safer than sorry, especially when it is your precious child involved.

Why is it though, when the parent is convinced that there is something wrong with their child, the doctor always puts it down and never truly listens to the issue at hand?

Case in hand: I am absolutely convinced that Kaelen suffers from reflux. And, I knew right from the start that he likely would have it due to his prematurity. The wonderful, brilliant nursing staff at the SCU at the Rockyview (and that is a true and honest statement) even gave us the heads up on it because of the way that Kaelen would act after being fed. He would puke right after being fed, writh in pain whether it was to burp or pass gas. So, we would ensure to hold him upright for at least 20 minutes after being fed, elevated his crib so he was angled upright while sleeping and honestly - it worked perfectly. At four months, Kaelen developed a very stuffy nose and started refusing to breast feed. One doctor told me it was a sinus infection, another doctor told me that some babies just self ween. At six months, the projectile vomitting became apparent and continues to this day. As does the stuffy nose, restless sleeping, the constant little puke burps that get swallowed again and stinky breath.

Through out all of this time, I have been told that it is normal and our concerns were brushed off. Feeling helpless, I started researching on the internet to read more about reflux and GERD in babies. To my luck, I found this website:

Instaneously I knew that this is what Kaelen has been suffering from. So, I booked yet another doctor appointment. After suggesting that this is maybe what he had, the doctor agreed and sent Kaelen off to get an Upper GI test done on October 20th at the Children's Hospital. The two ladies that were there, that did the test were wonderful. One I was told was a doctor, the other a tech. Almost immediately, when they gave him the barium, they both simultaneously said "Yep, he's got the classic reflux" and proceeded to ask me what happens to cause the projectile puking. I explained and they both confirmed that is exactly what he had and to continue giving him the Zantec and feed him smaller meals.

This now brings us to today. We went back to the original doctor who had ordered this test done for the "official" results and to what we thought, to get a new prescription for the Zantec. To our surprise though, the doctor said that the doctor who analyzed the test claims that everything was normal and there was no evidence of reflux. Being stunned, I ask her how that could be when the two ladies doing the test, said that he did have it and were explaining to me reflux and how it happens by pointing to the screen while Kaelen was refluxing. The doctor then said that she wasn't sure but he definitely did not have reflux.

Now fuming and having the knowledge that I did from reading the website, I proceeded to ask her then why did Kaelen have immediate successful results when we put him on the Zantec? She had to look to Paul for confirmation. We both patiently explained that as soon as Kaelen got his first dose of Zantec, he did not projectile puke (he did it at least once a day) and after three days, his stuffy nose was gone as was the smelly breath. You know what her answer was? Well, then Kaelen definitely has reflux.

Okay, like what the f#@k? You just sat there and told us he didn't, because some doctor who wasn't even at the Upper GI test said that he didn't. But now you are telling me that he does? How can she just change her medical assessment just like that? And, she said, "Hopefully he will grow out of it one day". When I asked her about the constipation that is a side affect from Zantec, I was told that it is not possible. Okay. Well Kaelen has never had problems pooping, but has been since taking Zantec. Sweetheart, if you did your homework, you will find that constipation is a direct result from Zantec in infants.

I am convinced that he has reflux and has had it since day one. I have done my homework and am not a narotic mother. But why can't I just find a doctor who will really listen to what I am saying and say: "Yes, mom. You are right. That is exactly what Kaelen is suffering from." Or, will seek out a second opinion to give Paul and I the reassurance that we need.

So in short, I am beginning to jump on that bandwagon of belief that doctors truly have no clue in diagnosing health issues. They go to school for years to learn the basics, but when it comes to complicated issues, they just pass off mumble jumble in hopes that you don't question their opinion. I am one pissed off mother at the moment - is it obvious?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fastest Hand in the West

Kaelen has just recently discovered the thrill of the toilet paper roll. If you turn your eye for just one moment, he will have that roll unwound quicker than you can say "Stop".

It never ceases to amaze me the joys children get in just the smallest things in life. When was the last time you had fun with Toilet Paper?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

My baby is already 14 months!

Today Kaelen is 14 months old. Part of me is excited and enjoying all of his daily achievements. The other part of me just can't believe that he is growing up so quickly and I mourn that he is not my little baby anymore.

Kaelen is like a sponge right now. You can see that he is assessing the situation and soaking it up for all it is worth. The latest trick that he has picked up is the dramatic crying if he doesn't get his own way. One of the kids in his daycare dramatically throws herself on the floor and sobs her little heart out and guess who has picked up that talent? Yes - Mr. Kaelen himself. And to his credit, he could likely win an Oscar for the show.

I tell you, he is definitely a little monkey some days.

Monday, November 07, 2005

When it Pours.

Poor little Kaelen. If it is not one thing that is wrong with him - it is another.

Kaelen just can't seem to get a lucky break and be healthy for one day. Yesterday, he was suffering from the following:

* Black eye. A result from attempting to dance with the coffee table.
* Fat lip. Resulting from a slip on those always appealing stairs.
* Two bottom molars trying to make their way through swollen gums.
* The reflux is back with a vengenance, meaning projectile puking...again....
* Constipation as a result from the medicine trying to control the refluxing.
* And now.....a wonderful chest cold. Courtesy of the kids at daycare.

How are we supposed to combat all of these ailments? Any solution I bring forth, has a counter reactive affect on another ailment. Poor kid.

These are the times when you feel completely useless as a parent. You know that your child is uncomfortable but what is the root cause at that particular moment? The old addage (from other mothers) is give them some Tylenol and all will be well....hmmm....well it might help with the teething, but it won't help him poop or stop puking. Giving him Zantec helps stop the puking but reeks havoc on his bowels so he only poops hard king cob marbles. Lactulose somewhat helps soften the stool. And of course there are the suppositories that aren't working efficiently enough to clean him out.

Basically when it comes down to it, I really have no freaking clue on what to do to make my child a little more comfortable to enjoy life.