Monday, November 21, 2005

Yes....he is sick again.....

The question is, is he really sick? Is it teething or does he have a cold? Who really knows. Parenting is truly is an artform of guessing what an issue at hand is.

Last night, poor little Kaelen was coughing his lungs out which often brought forth a result of puking. Even if there wasn't anything in his stomach, he would puke. Then came along diarrhea. Paulie, being the trooper daddy that he is, did 4 loads of laundry last night. Kaelen went through 2 sets of sheets on our bed, 2 on his own, a half dozen towels to clean up the puke and 8 sets of pyjamas.

We decided to keep him home today to get better, and doubt very much whether the daycare would have taken him anyways. Kaelen was glued to mommy all day long and had a few good moments but mostly bad. Crying spells, firey red cheeks, major runny nose, the nightmare of a cough but thankfully no puking and no diarrhea. A little fresh air in the early afternoon perked him up a little, but not enough to peel him off of mommy.

At bed time however, he developed a fever. He has now been sleeping soundly for 2 1/2 hours and I am praying (as is Daddy), that he remains so until 6 AM tomorrow. All three of us need our beauty rest and mommy's arms need a rest from supporting 26lbs of a sick little boy.

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