Monday, November 07, 2005

When it Pours.

Poor little Kaelen. If it is not one thing that is wrong with him - it is another.

Kaelen just can't seem to get a lucky break and be healthy for one day. Yesterday, he was suffering from the following:

* Black eye. A result from attempting to dance with the coffee table.
* Fat lip. Resulting from a slip on those always appealing stairs.
* Two bottom molars trying to make their way through swollen gums.
* The reflux is back with a vengenance, meaning projectile puking...again....
* Constipation as a result from the medicine trying to control the refluxing.
* And now.....a wonderful chest cold. Courtesy of the kids at daycare.

How are we supposed to combat all of these ailments? Any solution I bring forth, has a counter reactive affect on another ailment. Poor kid.

These are the times when you feel completely useless as a parent. You know that your child is uncomfortable but what is the root cause at that particular moment? The old addage (from other mothers) is give them some Tylenol and all will be well....hmmm....well it might help with the teething, but it won't help him poop or stop puking. Giving him Zantec helps stop the puking but reeks havoc on his bowels so he only poops hard king cob marbles. Lactulose somewhat helps soften the stool. And of course there are the suppositories that aren't working efficiently enough to clean him out.

Basically when it comes down to it, I really have no freaking clue on what to do to make my child a little more comfortable to enjoy life.

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