Monday, October 31, 2005


Scared you didn't I? Or was it our scary pumpkins?

It is Halloween night and all of the goblins are likely tucked into their beds blissfully dreaming of the mountains of candy that they will consume over the next week. My little bulldog - a no go. There was no way on earth was that costume going to be put over his head today. Nor, was there any way that you could peel him off of Mommy to go outside to check all of the spooktacular hauntings going on.

So, we just settled on watching Daddy have the time of his life making the scarecrow on our porch talk to all of the little goblins at our door tonight. Paul really does take true pleasure of sticking a two way radio in the scarecrow and trying to either scare the big kids or make the little ones laugh. I think though, that it is the adults who are chaperoning the kids that get the most pleasure out of it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, those faces suck...... lol.. no really, they do. :)

If you had emailed me before making this post, I could have sent you some really nice photos to use... oh, but then again, you don't know who I am do you :)

Allie said...

Well least we are original with our designs and don't need templates to carve from.

Maybe you should try free handing it one day. But then again...that might be too riske for you right?