Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Whittinghams leap into the new millennium

At the suggestion and encouragement of a good friend, welcome officially to the Whittingham family blog.

And seeing as I am not the greatest at keeping in touch with updates, you will no longer have an excuse to make me feel guilty. I will try on a weekly basis if not more to keep you all updated with our exciting family life. Mainly of Kaelen's progress.

So here is to a new relationship of communication. I hope that you will enjoy our rather boring, quirky life as a new family!


Anonymous said...

Question) Do I get to approve anything you say about me before it gets posted for the entire world to see??

see ya!

Anonymous said...

Who is this anonymous chick

Allie said...

Nope Rob. You are at my mercy - that is the great thing about blogging - I get to write what is on my mind.

Now, you had best be a good little boy.......