Friday, May 04, 2007

A Sad, Sad Day

Well folks, the inevitable happened last night. Despite our firm faith in our Vancouver Canucks, the boys lost their Stanley Cup quest to the Anaheim Ducks in double overtime.

Our goalie was outstanding as usual and unfortunately it seems that he is human after all and couldn't stop what appeared a relatively easy shot. We are not getting down on him though like other fickle fans as he just proved last night by stopping 60 of 62 shots fired at him that he is the reason why the Canucks were so successful this year and why he should be the MVP this year.

We only hope that Nonis (the GM for the Canucks) during this off season goes out and acquires a big stand up guy to help protect Luongo who throughout the whole year seemed to get knocked around and of course we need some firing power up front. All season we struggled to score goals but somehow found ways to win.

Sigh ....

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Jenn said...

We're crying with you. Even though I'm a Calgary fan. But I really didn't want that Chris Pronger to win. Guess we'll all have to cheer for Ottawa now.