Saturday, May 05, 2007

Playtime Fun

Yesterday was a fun little day despite the dreary pouring rain outside. My good friend Karen brought over her crew of delightful little munchkins to my house to play. Karen and I have this uncanny knack of getting pregnant at the same time hence our children are all born within a month of one another.

Kaelen and Cadence are just under two months apart and look so good together don't you think? Kaelen was trying in vain to get Cadence to play hockey, lacrosse, baseball, soccer or basketball with him. He hasn't quite figured out that other kids would like to play something other than sports. Here is a moment that Cadence decided to go easy on Kaelen and let him try to teach her how to play lacrosse:

They just look so cute together don't you think?

This next pic is of our new babies. Samuel and Claire are one month older than Masyn, however look how big these little twins are!! I still can't get over how chubby and cute they are! They make Masyn look like a twiggy little thing don't they?

Hopefully our children will have the opportunity to continue to grow up with one another and form life long friendships. I know that I was certainly blessed upon meeting Karen via my husband a couple of years ago, for Karen is truly an amazing woman. Over the five years of knowing each other, we have shared our ups and downs with one another and it has been so reassuring to have her support when I needed someone to lean on. I am guilty of not keeping in touch in the past; getting all wrapped up in work and family. We live in the same city but picking up the phone to arrange a play date was always passed to the side with distractions. I am committed now to ensure that doesn't happen. With our kids the same ages and the conversations always good, it guarantees a good time to be had by all.


karen said...

Thanks again, Allie
We all had a great day.
~Karen and clan

Goofball said...

that last picture is really cute!