Monday, May 21, 2007

Mommy's a Super Hero!

Nothing feels better than when your child wraps their arms around you and tells you that they love you right? Or .... how about when your child tells you that you are a super hero and are better than Daddy?

The Scenerio:
Mommy decides that the lawn needs to be cut as the little man is going on safari adventures within it and could get lost. Bundling up the baby and placing her in her car seat upon the porch, Mommy pulls out the temperamental lawn mower hopes against all hopes that this nasty thing will start for her. This thing has often been the cause for an interesting colourful display of choice words from Daddy when trying to start it up.

Kaelen: Whatcha doing Mommy?
Mommy: I am going to attempt to mow the lawn bud, but it will all depend on whether I can get this thing started. (I am now checking to ensure that there is gas in it)
Kaelen: Oh. Why don't Daddy do it?
Mommy: Good question Bud (as I mumble it under my breath). Because Daddy is really busy with work Honey and probably won't have a chance to do it for awhile.
Kaelen: Oh.
Mommy: Here we go Kaelen. Wish Mommy luck.

And heck if you wouldn't know it, the rusty old piece of tin started upon the second pull of the cord!

Kaelen: Yay Mommy!! (as he jumps up and down)
Kaelen: You are better than Daddy, Mommy! It takes Daddy a long time! You a Super Hero!!

Yep. This was three days ago and I am still living in that euphoric high of accomplishing this feat knowing that for one time in my son's life, I will have been a super hero to him. It even made the day better when the hubby came home in disbelief that I managed to get the rust bucket started.

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