Monday, May 28, 2007

Spring Has Things A Bloomin

Over the weekend as I was out on various adventures with the kids, it really became clear to me that spring is here and summer is right around the corner. The grass is a gorgeous green from that snowfall last week, the flowers that managed to survive are bursting in vibrant colours, trees are returning to their original form (they were bent out of shape due to the wet heavy snow) and yes ..... there are many women sporting that beautiful full belly look.

Whether we were at the zoo, at the park, grocery store or mall, it seemed everywhere you looked, there was a beautiful pregnant woman walking by. For some women, this is going to be their third or fourth child and others their first. Some looked like they were ready to go any moment and others you could see that they were just starting to show. It made me reminiscent of my pregnancies and it made me also wish that I could be pregnant again. That won't happen unfortunately as the hubby is very contented with our two beautiful children and would prefer to have no more.

What else did we see? Well - breastfeeding mommies EVERYWHERE! You name the place and that is where they were: park benches, zoo display benches, in a nice shady area on a picnic blanket and in cafeterias. With the ambiance of children running and playing around them, husbands playing with their other children or if it was just the solitary mommy out with her baby, the sight was beautiful. I have never been one for public breastfeeding but that is only because my children were gifted with the curiosity of a cat. They are much too interested with what is going on around them and look like one of those bobbing dolls with all of their pulling on and off. I have tried it many times, even with putting a blanket around the front of my body to help block all of those interesting scenes going on but I swear that it drives them crazy so they start to squirm and fuss only to be able to get up and look around. So, if we are at the zoo or the mall, we have to find the nice and quiet nursing room and if we are at a restaurant, Mommy has to go and sit in the back of van. That is okay though. Those moments are just as beautiful as the public feedings.

All in all, the weekend pretty much screamed "Family" everywhere we went and I for one, enjoyed every single second with my children. There truly is just something about sunshine that makes people so very happy isn't there?


K said...

you had snow? good god, where do you live!?

i love going out with my son and hubby and sporting my big belly. it's fun to be in the sunshine and watching my boy run around and think, "soon there will be two."

sari said...

Family is good, isn't it? I can't think of anything better. :-)

Sounds like a great day.