Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Future Tiger Woods Perhaps?

My son is addicted to golf and hasn't even turned 2 yet! Every Friday (weather permitting), Daddy and Kaelen will go out to Heritage Pointe Golf Course (where Paul is the Head Golf Professional) and the two of them will hang out on the driving range, chipping and putting greens for a couple of hours. They have even been around the practice loop once (three holes consisting of a Par 4, Par 3 and a Par 5).

These pictures were taken 3 days ago. They spent the morning at the golf course, came home had a picnic, napped for an hour, went for a bike ride where they made a stop to feed the ducks at a pond by our house and then off to play for a couple of hours in the water park. Fridays are so much fun for the two of them and they pack so many adventures into one day. There are days that I have to admit that I am envious that I am missing out of all the fun having to be at work, but deep down I know that this is for the best as my two boys need together time away from me.

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StephieCee22 said...

Like father like son it seems. That is just adorable. But you are right, your 2 boys need time to just be boys, but I am happy that they are havng so much fun doing it :)