Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Peter Pan is Real!

Oh how the Girl Guide Goddess must have sent her wrath upon me last night by teaching me the fine lesson of not being prepared. By not practicing this diligent motto drilled into every young Girl Guide's memory, what could have been an opportune Kodak moment is now only a most endearing memory imprinted upon Mommy's heart and brain.

You see, Kaelen discovered his shadow last night (here on in referred to as Peter Pan). And, if you have a creative enough imagination, Peter Pan will actually play with you. For an hour, Kaelen ran around the living room screaming, dancing, jumping and talking with his newfound companion. He was overjoyed when he discovered if he ran down the hallway towards a bedroom, that it appeared as if he was the one who was chasing Peter Pan. And, when he turned around and ran back into the living room, Peter Pan was chasing him.

These two bosom buddies practiced their golf swings together, drove the fire truck and garbage truck around the room and discovered the fine art of talking in a secret language that Mommies can't decipher. Somewhere along the line, this newfound friendship went sour as Kaelen picked up the golf club and attempted to pulverize Peter Pan into mush. I must say that Peter Pan took the beating pretty well and got right up as soon as Kaelen turned his back. As Kaelen made his run for Mommy, darn it if Peter Pan didn't get his revenge by tripping Kaelen up just as he was within Mommy's reach. Needless to say, Kaelen didn't display the great sportsmanship that Peter Pan did and cried his little heart out. I figured this meant that it was the end of their friendship.

And, what was my lesson that the Girl Guide Goddess was trying to teach me? To always have spare batteries in my camera.

I missed the golden opportunity to capture this beautiful display of innocence and imagination in print. Even though it will forever be imprinted on my heart, I so wish that I could share it with Kaelen when he gets older to appreciate how truly endearing that hour was last night.

Gosh I love this little boy so much and love being a Mom!


beth said...

Well, I can see this so clearly without the photos to show for it. I love seeing him (them) running back and forth chasing each other. How old is your son?

Allie said...

Kaelen will be turning 2 in a couple of weeks.