Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hot Off The Press from Daycare

I received this picture via email this morning from our wonderful dayhome mom that loves my son when hubby and I are both at work.

I came dangerously close to spitting my coffee on the computer screen due to laughter, meanwhile my hubby was hard pressed not to jump in his vehicle and put the pedal to the metal with the need to rescue his son.
Sadly, if Daddy were to rescue him, it wouldn't be with the advice of ensuring that your hat must always match the clutch purse.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

First things first, LOVE the picture! So cute! My Luke was the one who would always try to wear my makeup. Second, I've given myself the title of Queen, but Princess works. Third, and most importantly, I was a bit worried about you! I hadn't seen any web action from you in almost a week, I thought maybe it was baby time! I'm so glad to see that you were probably just busy!

goofball said...

Now that he has the perfect outfit for it, you can teach him to dance the macarena or the lambada?

Anonymous said...

This HAS to be one of my favorite pictures EVER!!!
Ha! I love it!!