Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mommy Is a Princess!

I am excited to say that it is official! I am a Princess!

My son who of late has become a HUGE Shrek fan, has decided that he is Donkey, that Daddy is Shrek, that his bedroom is no longer his bedroom but is now to be referred to as his swamp but most importantly, that Mommy is the Princess that needs to be saved and worshipped!

Shrek of late is never allowed in the swamp despite half of it being his, but the beautiful Princess is always allowed to come for a visit and cuddle in this cozy place. Shrek also does many things wrong of late and gets severely reprimanded by Donkey while the Princess can do no wrong.

Sigh .... I love being a Princess. This is the way that it should always be ..........

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hail, Princess Allie!
Isn't is lovely when only a Mommy can do something right.
Cadence flip-flops back and forth but there's just some things that only Mommy can "do-dit"
Enjoy! As there are always days when it's a "Daddy do-dit" day!