Friday, January 05, 2007

A Full Moon? ... Almost

I grew up in a silly family. We would find the silliness in running around the house in underwear or in farting and we would sometimes have the best family chats when one was taking a dump on the crapper. My sister and I would take turns reading to one another from Archie comic books while the other was having a bath and later, from a Cosmo magazine while taking a shower. It was fun really; like anything goes.

When Paul and I first started living together and for quite a while thereafter, Paul would be freaked out if I tried to talk to him while he was going to the bathroom, taking a shower or if I walked around the room either naked or in my underwear. He would always tell me to "get out" or "get dressed" and then we could talk. He could never understand why I would want to talk in moments that should be private. I guess for me, that was the way our family communicated. It was our time to have the attention and focus on one another.

I have always been open with Kaelen. I tell him all of my feelings and thoughts and still to this day, will walk around in the buff or my underwear in front of him. I go to the bathroom in front of him (not that you have a choice not to when they are infants/toddlers) and let him help me do my daily injections and choose which side Mommy needs to do it on. He will join me in the occasional shower and likewise, I will join him for the occasional bath. I think that he is still too young to understand what is going on and it is not harming him in anyway.

In fact, it makes it fun. Everytime Kaelen gets a diaper change or has a bath, Mommy has to chase him around the house trying to tickle or lightly spank his bare little bum. And, it comes full circle back to me. If Kaelen sees an opportunity to get Mommy's bare bum, he is all over that with a lusty battle cry and a not so subtle sneak attack. Kaelen will let out a fart and then try to blame it on the cat or Daddy. I love these moments with him. These silly little fun moments.

The other day, Kaelen and I were in a maternity store as I am starting to run out of comfortable clothing to wear. We went to the store in hopes that perhaps they had some cheap sales where I could buy a shirt or two to get me through these next couple of weeks. With my helpful little helper, Kaelen chose two shirts for Mommy to go and try on. As the dressing room is large, Kaelen makes himself at home and awaits for Mommy to strip down. After trying on both shirts, a little mischievousness came over me and I whispered to Kaelen: "Hey Kaelen" and mooned my son. Kaelen started laughing hysterically as did I. Having decided that I was going to purchase these shirts, Kaelen and I now make our way up to the till. Just as I was about to swipe my debit card, Kaelen grabs the pockets on the back of my pants and attempts to pull down my pants while yelling "Mommy's bare bum! Spank Mommy's bare bum!". All I can say is thank gosh for those panel pants that rest just below your boobs. If it wasn't for them, the Maternity shop and it's customers would have seen a full moon that morning.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Ha! You just never know what your little one is going to do next! Our family was the same way, I always talked to my mom in the bathroom, etc. Hubby's was very private. Now that we have kids and they are all boys, he has come to the dark side and rarely ever gets a shower without interuption. P.S. A baby's head popping up over the shower curtain to see what Dad's up to can be hilarious!

Jenn said...

Ha! That is such a funny story. I came from a fairly private family, but it's impossible to not change in front of your toddler. WHat are you going to do leave them by themselves. This has also caused some laughter over body parts that we don't usually see, like mommy's bum or boobies. Ahh toddlers are so fun =)


kate said...

that's wonderful! i love it!! i hope that bb and i can have that kind of fun, too. we have a song for when someone farts. "ooooh ooooh mommy did a farty!" and we laaaaaaaaaugh!

sari said...

As I have two sons (8 and 5) there isn't a day when someone isn't pumming (my husband's family's word for farts) or someone isn't slapping me in the bum.

In fact, I consider something wrong in our household when I'm not getting bum slaps! :-)