Friday, January 19, 2007

Adventures in A Lifetime

I was giggling to myself on my drive to work this morning that this is what I should have named my blog site; I still might. I have this uncanny knack of never being able to experience things cut and dry per se. There always has to be a gray shady area or what if situation. It makes it for interesting times and I have come to realize that it is likely me who subconsciously creates those scenerios ...... all except this one:

Here is the short and skinny from my doctor appointment and ultrasound from yesterday:

Without going into a long and drawn out explanation, my baby is still in the Frank Breech position with her butt nestled right down into my pelvic cavity. Her head is right under my right rib cage and she is trying to suck on her toes and fingers under my left rib cage. The perinatologist at the ultrasound said that there was still a 50/50 chance of her to flip around into the presenting position, but when my hubby asked what his experience/opinion was, the doctor replied that it was highly unlikely that she would turn on her own given the positioning. There is currently a study being conducted in the hospitals right now of trying to physically turn the baby between 34 & 35 weeks gestation but that I wouldn't qualify for this due to me being on blood thinners. He said that the risk of bleeding to me would be high. Therefore, I will have to wait until at least 36 weeks in hopes that the doctors would still be able to perform this procedure as I really don't relish the idea of having a cesarean.

With the baby being in a breech position, there is still high concern that I will go preterm so we are still on high alert for any possible signals from my body to indicate so. The good news is that my cervix seems to be holding up despite this baby putting so much pressure on it.

Other than this, we are all doing great. This baby is between 5 - 5.5 lbs as of yesterday and I swear that she was trying to sass her Mommy and Daddy during the ultrasound yesterday. It looked like she was trying to wink at us when we were talking about the statistics of her moving into the proper position.

Today my friends, is the kick off to a new adventure for us. We are officially in unchartered waters in pregnancy (I am 33 weeks, 2 days today). I have to say that I am excited for this new experience that I missed out on with Kaelen, yet a little apprehensive as that naivety is gone. I am aware of the risks out there and that knowledge is always running through the back of my head.

All in all, yesterday was good news for our family so we will focus on that and deal with anything else as it comes.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Yay! Here's to a full 40 weeks (picture me lifting a coffee mug in the air)! I'll be praying that she turns for you!

goofball said...

Yeaaaaah for the new experience in the coming weeks!

I told you that you'd be able to carry your daugher longer than Kaelen, since you don't need an excuse this time not to host us in your house ;).

sari said...

Good news! :-)