Friday, July 06, 2007

Tales From A Van

After logging in more than 19 hours of road travel time filled with laughter, singing, wails and tears, I am happy to report that we have made it back home safe and sound. Mommy's sanity is screaming for a vacation of her own but that will have to wait for a while.

This folks, is my home town. This is just one of the sights that greeted us every morning upon waking.

This is what I miss the most about Nelson: the breath taking sight of the lake in the mountains. Now .... a local will tell you that the water is freezing. Heck, growing up I would reiterate that piece of information to visitors, however when you live in a city that doesn't have gorgeous amenities like this, you take full advantage of them when given the opportunity. In addition to the sights, the water really was very refreshing given the daily average temperature of +38 C. Who would have thought that glacier water would be so very refreshing?

We spent hours upon hours every day playing on the beach shovelling wet sand into a bucket, building sandcastles, throwing sticks, rocks and sand into the water and attempting to catch minnows. We went for walks taking in the scenery, the fresh air and playing in wooded parks. Before you all think that I had a fairy tale vacation, I should insert the big BUT ..... yes, there is a BUT that attempted to overshadow this dreamy tale. That BUT is named Masyn. This cute (but not so cute during the trip) little baby was MISERABLE the entire trip. All she did is cry or should I say wail. There was nothing one could do to comfort her. It was anyone's guessing game as to figuring out what her issues were but I am pretty sure that her tendencies for bouts of screaming accompanied with tears was due to her discomfort with the heat .... or teeth .... or perhaps her attempt to fly. Who knows what the real issue is other than I am extremely happy to report that she did return home with Kaelen and I today. Believe me, there were times that I would have been happy to pass her off to someone who had the energy to deal with that. After a week of listening to wails 16 of 24 hours a day was enough to ensure that this Mommy wasn't going to entertain the thought of expand this family for a very long time.

The trip however was nice although not overly relaxing when doing it all alone. I am however crazy enough to do it again in a couple of weeks. There is just something about being on the lake during hot, lazy summer days.


sari said...

I'm sorry Masyn had a horrible time. The photo is beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure one day she will become an exprienced world traveller like me ;) Just be patient ... ;)

Ohhh Dear Allie,
How much do I long to be back in Nelson.....

Uncle Jan

Breanne said...

Heck Yes you are going back to BC in a couple of weeks. For my WEDDING!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I can't believe how quickly it is coming up. It was so great to see you while we were back. See you soon.