Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stampede 2007

The time of year has arrived again to dust off our cowboy hats, squeeze our feet into boots, sweat our asses off in jeans and to brush up on our two-step dance moves. Yep, it is Stampede time again!

Where most of the locals tend to get out of the city during this time of year, the thrill of the Stampede is still fresh in our blood after 10 years of experiencing it. We took the kids to the rodeo yesterday afternoon but only lasted for about an hour. It was too slow moving to retain Kaelen's attention and besides, he was only really interested in experiencing what all other kids seem fascinated with: The Midway Park!! It is great as the Stampede has a little kids park with mini roller coasters and such.

We also got to see pigs, an array of different kinds of cows, chickens and buffalo. Kaelen being so young found the excitement in this that neither Paul nor I ever do. We usually are more interested in the rodeo and chuck wagon races so this year so far has been a whole new experience for us. In addition to learning about farm animals, we have watch the marching band competition, saw aerial acrobatics, checked out military equipment such as helicopters and tanks and will get to meet both Barney (on Wednesday) and Diego (tomorrow).


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Barney and Diego? Now that's what I call a stampede!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!!

I had lots of fun with you in Nelson! Can't wait to see you again at the end of the month! I will try and get those photos to you tonight!

Mike said...

That's a great cowboy you have there.

My 4-year old once asked me if cowboys are pregnant. He says they walk like parenthesis, "just like Mommy when she was pregnant."



Anonymous said...

Can I book for next time? I'd looooo-ooove to come and see that!! And of course join your young cow-boy in all the adventures ;)


Goofball said...