Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Mystery Solved

Just look at her; isn't she so damn cute?! I know that I am biased and all but gosh, my baby is already five months old! Where is the time flying?

This past month hasn't been easy for either Masyn nor I. My once easy going baby adopted a new personality to that of a high maintenance diva. And I for one, wasn't sure how I was going to get through the rest of our lives if this personality continued. HOWEVER .... being the regular Nancy Drew that I am, I have potentially solved the mystery of the cranky baby: Miss Masyn has teeth!

One lower tooth has poked it's spiky head through with it's partner following close behind. That one should be any day now. And wouldn't you know it: most of the cranky crying has subsided. Funny how that happens isn't it?

In addition to growing teeth, learning how to cope with the extreme heat and the prickly heat rash that comes along with it, I suspect that Masyn may have been growing as well. I am still not quite sure if I believe it or not, but it appears that Masyn has grown just over an inch in one month!! The weigh gain isn't spectacular: a pound but at least it is something. So of course my slight insecurity came rearing it's ugly head back and I was concerned that Masyn wasn't getting enough to eat. Out of pure curiosity, I fed her some rice cereal seeing as she so avidly watches us eat and smacks her lips. Heck if she didn't gobble the small serving down lickety split! So, now Masyn has expanded her culinary tastes to include rice cereal along with breast milk.

Gosh. These precious little angels just grow so darn quick don't they?


Goofball said...

No Allie, you are not biased...she's a true cutie with 2 teeth. Woohoo.

But please do one thing: stop telling me how warm it is on your side of the world, you might disturb my horrible-summer-weather-depression over here.

Jenn said...

Glad you got the mystery figured out. =) Teething can be a pain.


CasualFridayEveryday said...

She is so so soooooo cutie! Little cutie pootie. hehe