Monday, July 30, 2007

Blogging Hiatus

Of late I just can't seem to find the time to blog. I admire all of the blogging mommies out there that are able to post witty stories or share in their incredible family adventures. Where do you all find the time?

Here I am, with two kids and by the end of the day, I am wiped. Err ... okay .... there is also that little thing called Potter Mania as well. I desperately want to find out what is going to happen yet the most that I can manage in a day is maybe five pages of a chapter. I am so paranoid that someone will spoil what the final book is about that I won't turn on the TV and am very selective in my Internet surfing. Plus ... I have had family come through town, friends pass through town, a husband on the verge of passing out from exhaustion; come to think of it that is me too. The point of this long winded explanation is that I can't seem to find enough time in the day to sit down and blog nor read anyone else's blog on a daily basis. Besides, it is not like I have much of interest to say. My days are the same: I spend 24/7 with my children and we try to the best of our abilities to stay happy and sane through this heat spell. I don't have a social life so I can't even write anything exciting about that. I am not complaining because I do love my children dearly. Perhaps I am just in a rut. A rut of what to write about.

Maybe exciting, interesting things will happen to me over the next two weeks. Despite my irregular postings of late, I will be posting even more irregularly. I am heading on the road with the kids again. Tomorrow late afternoon we are heading off to my aunt's house for a couple of days. My aunt's sister in law passed away suddenly over the weekend so her and my uncle are heading on the long journey up north to attend the funeral and help sort things out. Meanwhile, I will be holding down the fort at her place with one teenager, a tween, a preschooler, a baby and a big lovable pooch. Upon their return, I will continue my journey to my mom's house. During that week there we will attend a wedding, visit with my parent's best friends (introduce them to Masyn) and of course spend time with my mom. On the way back home, I will stop by my aunt's house again, pick up her daughter (the tween) and bring her back to Calgary to stay with us for a couple of days. A few days into my cousin's stay, my brother in law will arrive and our house will be beyond it's housing capacity. Come the 20th though, everything will resume back to it's old boring routine self.

Now looking back on this, I will definitely have a lot to blog about ... provided I can get to a computer.


Jenn said...

Have a great holiday.

I love all of your blogging, even if it may seem boring to you, it's pretty similar to my life. Nice to know someone else is out there is living day in and day out enjoying being a mommy. Besides mommyhood is the funniest, most interesting job ever. Your Stampede stories, poop stories, stories about your kids growing up. It's great, I understand the rut, but know that you have a loyal reader. =)


breanne said...

I know the feeling Allie. I try to keep up on my blog, but it is hard when life gets in the way. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Amber said...

Have a great getaway. I hear you on finding time to blog. This summer I've been lucky if I can blog a few times a week. Maybe in the fall, life will calm down a bit!

Nell said...

hey, we all need a break sometimes! Thanks for popping by my blog.

And to answer your question, my son has always had speech problems and he went through a few which they said he is just behind.

They couldnt tell me why. He could hardly say the littlest mama.

He is doing well now. He hit this turn around where he is now picking up words well.

Although still behind, he's doing well and is going to be getting speech therapy with the school :)

It's fun to hear his little voice :)


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I think it's just that time of summer where life is just to crazy. I think MANY people are having blogging hiatus'

I'll miss you, but have fun!

Goofball said...

Hi Allie, it was sooooo great chatting with you again.

Big hug!

sari said...

A lot of times I wonder why I blog because I don't feel like I'm all that exciting either. But, funny, it's always fun to read other blogs.

I've had a hard time keeping up lately myself - I took a vacation and also a semi-break. You just need to do what you need to do, people understand.