Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Potty Express

Aside from possibly Amber and the comments that I have left her in her attempts to teach her daughter how to potty, I don't think anyone realizes the trials of what we are going through in attempting to potty train Kaelen. It is suffice to say that he is an extreme test of patience and I have little tongue left from having to bite it or should I say chew it off. No matter the suggestions of how to go about teaching your child on potty etiquette and techniques, we have failed miserably. Rewards, throwing a potty party, stickers, bribes, charades to almost down right threats; nothing works. We have also tried the cold turkey attempts such as running around bare bum but that causes constipation. Experts tell me that if I get my act together, it can be done within a week unless you are Dr. Phil, then it would be 24 hours. Seasoned Moms tell me a couple of days but just ensure that I don't leave the house for those days .... yah right. Cooping my son up for a few days would ensure me a one way ticket to the fourth floor spa. What everyone unanimously has said is do not attempt to train with situations that could cause stress such as travelling or a new situation at home.

Well ... well .... what do all of those experts know? I mean, I am day three on the road and guess what? Kaelen has pooped and peed in the toilet for three days straight with only ONE accident. I mean, this kid woke me up at 3:00 am this morning crying to tell me that he just peed in his diaper. I tried to reassure him that peeing in a diaper at 3:00 am at this point is just fine, but he was adamant on going to sit on that damn potty and read a book in an attempt to pee again. Oh ... and have I mentioned that our "magic potty" is actually a possessed potty? Yep, in my many previous attempts to bribe my son to piss in the pot, I purchased the magic singing potty. You know, the one that sings a little song when your child does a number one or number two in it. Well this potty is possessed I tell you. It rarely sings it's magical song when showered with fecal love yet for no reason at all, it will decide to share in it's happiness with no one around. It particularly likes to show it's magical love during the night ... or should I say did until it received a nice boot from me to shut it up. Needless to say, it is now permanently turned off. Kaelen has asked me a few times why it won't sing for him (he will only do number one in it and will sit on the big potty for number twos) and I have told him that it got so tired from him using it so much over the past few days. Kaelen puffs out his chest and proudly exclaims that it is because he is a big and strong boy ......

I am trying really hard not to hold my hopes up too much yet as it is only a matter of time before we derail from my celebratory euphoria.


Amber said...

My dear, I am so happy it is clicking for him. I'd like to say success for Hadley but after four weeks of consistent and hard-core training she is worse than ever.

Bode had his 1-year appointment yesterday and I relayed what is going on to the doctor. He chuckled, looked at me and said, "Of course it's not working. She don't do it until she is absolutely ready, no matter how much you try to pressure her."

His advice? To lay off for a while. It has been an ongoing battle and I have hated the contention, not to mention the accidents (which are more than successes).

And so I am waving the white flag on this one. We go to Mexico next week and a couple of weeks later she starts preschool. I am hoping being around other kids who go will FINALLY motivate her to take that lats step. For now, I am no longer pressuring her and things are so much better. We were living quite the nightmare.

I am, however, happy for your success and look forward to when it finally clicks for The Hurricane!

Breanne said...

Yeah Kaelen!!!! You keep showering that potty with yellow showers!

karen said...

Yeah!!! Well done Conductor Mommy!
Here's hoping he stays on that potty express.
You inspire me!

kate said...

one mother of 4 told me, "the less of a big deal you make it, the better and more easily they take to it."

that approach worked for us. we give bb a sticker (construction truck) whenever he poo's in the potty. that's about it. and it's been easy! which was unexpected.

the possessed potty is comical, at least!!!! and it sounds like he IS getting it.

sari said...

When the time is right, it will work. Don't stress. Which is pretty much what everyone else said...right? :-)

Megan E. Pratt said...

So my step-aunt (that sounds so ridiculous) just had her first child and started potty training her from day 1. The kid has never actually used the diaper. She makes a little noise, mom or dad take her to the toilet and she does her thing.
Although it would save some money on diapers, the kid is only a month old and already knows how to use the toilet.

casual friday everyday said...

YAY! I can't wait to feel that 3 year old still isn't ...not even close :(


Goofball said...

hi are things going?

Mike said...

I know what you mean. I, too, bribed my kids to use the potty -- for a year. Then I gave up. That's when he started waking me up at 3:00 a.m. to say, "Daddy, can I use the potty?"