Friday, August 10, 2007

Still on that Potty Express

We are into Day 7 and are still riding (euphorically at that) on that Potty Express. We have only had two accidents and now the little man is looking like he is training himself to hold his pee overnight. Yep. How lucky am I? The diapers have been dry every morning with Kaelen beyond excited upon waking to run to his singing potty to have a "Monster Pee". I am still pinching myself every morning thinking that I am in the midst of a dream so we will see .....

Aside from the potty training, the trip so far has been excellent. Each day we have gone on a new adventure that has Kaelen jumping up and down with excitement. Due to the extremely dry weather here, the forest fires have been in abundance so there has been so much activity around here. The province has brought in one of the world's largest water bombers to help combat the issues here and it takes off, lands and sleeps for the night right by my mom's house. In addition to the big red (and loud) plane, my mom also lives close to the helicopter pad so those are flying back and forth all day long. Kaelen's career ambitions have now gone from wanting to be a garbage man to a helicopter pilot. That has a few of my family members sighing with relief with this newest choice of a career path.

Masyn is sitting up all on her own now as well as sporting a nice new tooth, which brings the count to two. We were at a good family friend's house on Thursday and there was a three month old baby there; it weighed the same as Masyn and was just as long. It brought a few laughs to us at just how petite my little girl is.

Tomorrow, this Mommy has a night out without the kids to attend a wedding and reception. I promise to behave myself (reasonably well) and won't be featured on the next issue of "Mommies Gone Wild". I am keeping my fingers crossed that Masyn will take the bottle for Nana and that my boobs won't increase too much to the point that I will be walking around all night feeling like Pammy Anderson. It may pose a problem with my ability to perform up to my legendary "interpretive dancing" if I can't move my arms due to sporting concrete rockets.


Goofball said...

hey Allie, how was the wedding? Did you turn into a Pamela? Were you the star on the dance floor?

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Hooray for the potty training success! I tell you what- you have got one awesome little boy there!!!

Have fun without the kids!

sari said...

glad things are going well and hope you had fun at the wedding!!