Monday, August 27, 2007

Playtime on Baby's Turf

I am not too sure about you all, but when I manage to steal a moment or two for myself to take a shower or potty, I usually place the baby into her crib. It is the safest place for her to be when not under my watchful eye. Of late, big brother has been pulling his stool over to her crib to talk to her if she gets upset while I am showering. Yesterday though, big brother had the most fabulous idea of joining her in her crib to play with her while it gave me an opportunity to shower and get ready for a birthday party that we were attending. The thing is, when it came time to put our shoes on to head out to the party, he didn't want to leave. He claimed that he was having too much fun with Masyn and that they didn't want to go and eat cake anymore. I found the whole situation ironic seeing as at 20 months, Kaelen couldn't wait to get out of that crib in the first place and into a big boy bed.

This morning when he woke up and was asked how his sleep was, he replied: "It would have been better Mom if I slept with Masyn in the crib".

Hmmm .... now only if they could make the crib sides higher to ensure that I could keep him in there .... oh how that would solve a lot of headaches in a day.

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