Sunday, June 24, 2007

Is She a Bird?

Err ... she looks like a baby to me. But tonight, both she and I received the scare of a lifetime. Masyn, not by choice, decided to take a swan dive off of the kitchen table in an attempt to see if she could fly. What am I rambling about? The shock still hasn't worn off as well as the instant replay that continues to play in my mind. To make a long story short, I had placed Masyn in an infant chair in the middle of my kitchen table as we were heading out the door to go and play in the park. By doing this action alone, I am sure that it has definitely ensured that I will not get nominated for the Mother of The Year Award. At least as I relive the incident in my mind, I had the forethought to fasten the seat belt when I put her in it. She was only supposed to sit in it maybe a minute as I was just in the process of pulling out her sunhat from the diaper bag when I heard the sickening sound likened to that of dropping a pound of wet hamburger meat to the ground. To my shock, I realized that it was Masyn. The chair that she was sitting in, literally broke in seven places. When it broke, it must have broken on one side which caused the momentum for her to fall off the table. To my utter horror, she was lying face down on the floor, not making a sound. Faster than Superman can leap a giant building, I vaulted the kitchen table to get to my baby. Terrified of what I would find, I gently picked her up while trying to get the damn chair fabric which is still fastened to her off of her, when she let out the most perfect wail. Perfect in the sense that if she could wail, then I knew that she would be relatively fine. Holding her, rocking her and cooing to her, I tried to keep my cool as now my son is crying because he has just watched his sister swan dive with little success. All I wanted to do in that moment is rage; pick up that chair and fling it as far away from my children as possible. Thankfully, the mother reasoning over road that desire and it allowed me to maintain my cool to check over my daughter to ensure that she was still in one piece. Cautiously, I laid her on my bed and probed her legs, stomach, back, arms, face and head to see if there was any noticeable damage. Meanwhile, Kaelen is cooing to her to try to get her to quit crying as am I. Once she calmed down enough to take her soother, Kaelen exclaimed that he knew what would make her feel better. What was his great idea? Well, Kaelen claimed that he has "Magic Kisses" that makes boo-boos go away and people will quit crying. Hmmm .... funny because upon hearing that, I started crying. Crying because my son is so damn sweet, crying because my daughter seems to be okay when it could have been so the opposite and crying because that instantaneous mother guilt started rearing it's ugly head.

I debated for about two hours as to whether I should take Masyn to the hospital as a precaution to have her looked over but within that two hours, she seemed to be fine. She crapped herself three times (to which I don't blame her, I would have done the same), she jumped around in the jolly jumper for about 30 minutes (probably for joy that she is still in one piece) and she managed to bestow that precious smile upon me a few times. I of course, will likely not sleep much tonight as I will watch over her to ensure that all is okay. Perhaps it is over reactive but heck, it scared the crap out of me and I am still a little shaken.

This is what the chair looked like after it's demise.


sari said...

Horrible!!! My friend and I were just talking yesterday about disasters we've both had like this.

I still feel bad 7-1/2 years later that I left Eight sleeping on my bed once with pillows on both sides of him...he couldn't roll over or anything. Well suddenly, he woke up and rolled 3 feet off the bed, headfirst onto a wooden bookcase. The sound still freaks me out.

My friend had her kids in a shopping cart when it tipped about a freakout. And no, it wasn't like she walked off and left them, it was that "one second thing", you know? Grabbing something off of a shelf and then BAM.

And honestly, we're not bad moms (though I'm thinking this doesn't sound very good, does it?), this horrible crap can happen to anyone. I'm so glad Masyn is ok. I know I was completely hysterical about eight, wanted to go to the hospital as well.

Goofball said...

Oh Allie, that must been such a horrible and scary moment! My breath even stopped for a moment when reading it. I am so glad that it all ended up ok and that Masyn did not get hurt! Give her a big kiss from her Belgian virtual auntie!! And stop feeling guilty yourself as it was not your fault!

Goofball said...

and I give a big hug to you as well of course to relieve a bit that pounding heart of yours

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

OH ALLIE!!! I know those things can seem horrible! Sometimes the cry of your baby is the best sound you can hear! You're not alone. When Luke was 3 weeks old I laid him in the center of my in-laws king size bed for a nap. Well, he rolled right over to the edge and fell off head first-at 3 weeks!! I can laugh about it now but it bothered me for a LONG time.