Monday, June 04, 2007

A Warm Fuzzy

Any guesses as to what this is? Here is a few hints: It stinks, it is practically see through, it is falling apart due to age and use, it sheds threads EVERYWHERE and .... it provides comfort to my hubby. Figured it out yet?

Yes folks, this is my hubby's "blankie". Although it doesn't have a name and it's use is completely denied, my husband can't do without this eye sore. I am pretty sure that this is at least "blankie" number two and not the original that he started out with as a baby. But, this stinky scrap of material has been around for a LONG time .... at least fourteen years that I know of as that is how long that I have had to suffer through it's presence.

Hubby claims that it is just "a blanket" and will wrap it around is face and neck when falling asleep. He loves the feel of it against his face and the smell. Yep. I said smell meanwhile I can't stand the smell of it. There have been times where I will steal it and hide it away. Hubby won't notice right away, but when he happens to come across it, his face will light up like a child seeing presents under a Christmas tree.

Unfortunately, this "blankie" doesn't have much life left in it. If I were to wash it, it would likely disintegrate into a million pieces ... hmmm .... now there is a thought. That would mean no more stink, no more chucks of thread in my bed and floor. The question though is how would my hubby handle the demise of his "blankie"?


sari said...

My husband sleeps on a pillow that I know for a fact was old 11 years ago.

Blech! I sympathize!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

What about a little Febreeze? That might help with the smell without having to go through the wash. My sons blankie often has a special smell. It makes me gag.

Breanne said...

Oh my goodness Allie, Cam has a pillow that he won't part with either and he says that it is my pillow that is leaking feathers everywhere on the bed... I beg to differ :o) however, what is it with these boys and holding on to these childhood things. I say frame it so he will always have it.... he just won't be able to hold it anymore :o(