Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A "Hip New Mama"

Okay ladies and gents, while I don't have a picture yet of my excellent new baby wearing skills, I do have a picture of what our pouch sling looks like. Sadly, I have not been around adults this past week to ask someone to click a picture of Masyn and I. Although, with the amount of attention that we are receiving when wearing this sling, I should perhaps ask the paparazzi for a copy of their photo .....

I honestly tell you, us two girls are living the life of a celebrity when we are out and about in our swanky new sling. Masyn channels her inner diva while being toted around in it. Her pert little nose notches up an air or two and that chin takes on a distinctive tilt as if she is ensuring that her profile is candidly perfect. And the smile ..... well .... let me tell you, this girl knows how to work the crowd. Seriously. We have other mothers, grannies and even men coming up to us to comment about the sling and then Masyn will bestow a big gummy grin on them and they are mesmerized and instantly start cooing with her.

Where did I get it? Interested in getting one? Just visit Caterina over at Hip Melon and she will ensure that you get first class service. I can attest to the fact that while the prints may look hip and funky, just wait until you actually see one in your hands. The colours are so much more vibrant and the fabric ..... ahh ..... it is like soft silk against Masyn's skin. The price is right and the service is personal and hands on.

And, while you are visiting Hip Melon, why not support a fellow mom and vote for Caterina! She has been nominated for Mompreneur of the Year and the prize package would certainly help her expand her business to many more fabulous sling options.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That sling is so cool! SO COOL! How fun to prop up your little daughter in your sling and go on a shopping trip! I'm a little jealous!

sari said...

Wow! Baby items now are so much cooler than they were when my guys were little, I love the sling!

Lesley said...

Simply gorg! Mine was definitely not as hip as yours , everything seems so much more cooler than when I had my first boy and my second just got the hand-me-downs from his older brother.
Masyn sounds so sweet (working the crowd)- love babies, they're so wonderful!