Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday Morning Madness

12:00 AM - Sleeping soundly
1:15 AM - Get up to feed baby. Baby is squirrly so the feeding takes almost an hour.
2:30 AM - Get back into bed to try and achieve at least four hours of quality sleep.
4:15 AM - Baby is up again and wants to eat. She must be growing.
4:30 AM - Alarm clock goes off and hubby gets up to get ready for work.
4:50 AM - Baby won't go back to sleep so I selfishly bring her into our bed in hopes that she will fall asleep again.
5:30 AM - Hubby leaves for work; I am wide awake and baby is sleeping.
6:00 AM - Sounds of the little man beginning to stir comes across the baby monitor. About two hours earlier than his normal waking time. Baby still asleep.
6:30 AM - The little man is wide awake and full of zest. He comes upstairs to share that with us.
6:35 AM - Baby awakes. Mommy turns on the T.V. in hopes everyone will just chill out.
6:40 AM - Mommy can barely keep her eyes open. The little man keeps asking her why.
6:45 AM - The cat starts howling because she wants to go outside.
6:50 AM - Mommy runs around the house in an attempt to discipline the cat who has now taken up the act of scratching at the stairs because she is not getting her way.
7:00 AM - Little man starts crying because his pyjamas are wet due to excessive peeing throughout the night, hence the diaper no longer capable of doing it's job.
7:10 AM - Baby starts crying because she has blown out her diaper with one heck of a forceful crap. Due to the sheer power of the crap, it has now leaked onto Mommy's bed.
7:20 AM - Baby in fresh diaper, Little Man into fresh undies as we are on Day 2 of attempting potty training.
7:25 AM - Mommy goes to put a pot of coffee on only to come back upstairs to her room to find the Little Man crying. He has already peed his pants .... on Mommy's bed.
7:35 AM - Mommy gets the Little Man cleaned up, and the sheets stripped off of her bed and into the washer.
7:40 AM - The cat yarfs up her breakfast downstairs in the living room.
7:42 AM - Mommy cleans up the cat barf meanwhile baby is crying because she has decided that she wants to eat again.
8:00 AM - Baby fed, Little Man seemingly happy, cat is content so Mommy heads to the kitchen to grab that much needed cup of coffee only to discover that the filter has folded and therefore has brewed the coffee all over the counter and floor.
8:15 AM - Coffee disaster all cleaned up with a fresh pot on the go. Little Man is screaming because the cat has yarfed again.
8:17 AM - Mommy cleans up yet another pile of cat puke only to discover that the Little Man has peed his pants again.
8:20 AM - Little Man has been cleaned up again and gently reminded that he MUST USE THE TOILET when wearing underwear. Cat yarfs AGAIN!
8:22 AM - Mommy catches the cat and fires it out the back door. Goes to the living room to clean up another pile of puke. Baby is now crying because she is getting ignored.
8:30 AM - Baby is now happily jumping in the Jolly Jumper, the Little Man is playing hockey beside her and the cat is outside. Mommy changes over the laundry.
8:40 AM - Mommy goes to the kitchen to get that well deserved coffee.
8:42 AM - Mommy sits down to sip on the coffee and hears the stupid cat picking at the back door as it has started to rain out and she wants in.
8:43 AM - Mommy lets the cat in and follows her cautiously around the house for the next 10 minutes to ensure she does not yarf again.
9:00 AM - Baby is napping, Mommy's coffee is cold and the Little Man spills his apple juice all over himself, table and floor.
9:10 AM - Apple juice mess is cleaned up, Little Man is in dry, clean clothes and Mommy pours herself a fresh hot steaming cup of coffee.
9:30 AM - Baby wakes up because she has crapped herself AGAIN.
9:35 AM - Baby has fresh bum, Little Man has finished breakfast and Mommy's coffee has gone cold again.
9:45 AM - Little Man's teeth are brushed and he didn't fight it for once, Baby is seemingly content, the cat is sleeping and Mommy has a shower.
10:00 AM - Everyone still is seemingly happy so Mommy FINALLY gets to sit down and enjoy that hot cup of coffee.

So ... how was your Monday morning?


Jenn said...

Maybe I don't want to have two kids.....

Jenn =)

Karen said...

Don't ya wish some days you could just have a mulligan??
That one is definitely worth saving for the baby books.

Anonymous said...

I think I may have just peed MY pants reading that!!

Yes - I am laughing. Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee at this time or I'd have one heck of a mess here myself.......

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Oh my gosh Allie! Mornings like that deserve a spa afternoon! I would've killed the cat and sat right down and cried with the kids!

Breanne said...

Geesh can't a woman have her morning coffee.... too cute Allie. I have a full grown pug and a baby pug at home right now.... they are almost like having babies, just when one mess is cleaned up another arises, it never fails....you now have me rethinking this whole having babies thing. Teehee. I know you wouldn't trade if for the world!