Monday, June 11, 2007

Family Fun

The kids and I visit Heritage Park at least twice a week; we pack a picnic and make it a day's trip. Kaelen loves the horse drawn wagon rides, stream train and sternwheeler boat rides, and I love the historical ambiance of the park. It has (I think) at least three different eras within the park ranging from the 1670 fur trading days to the early 1900's Western days. Most of the buildings are original and the few that aren't are exact replicas. All of the buildings originated somewhere in Alberta which makes this park all that much more unique. Oh ... and did I mention that it supposedly has a haunted house? Which I FINALLY got to check out but unfortunately didn't see the pretty woman rocking a child. And ... on some days, they have actors that come out and reenact a momentous situation in history. On Friday, they were reenacting the right for women to vote in Alberta. It was interactive, humorous and very informative.

This year we purchased a family season pass and already it has paid for itself. Friday was an especially fun day for us because Daddy had the day off so we had the opportunity to spend a rare day together. Did I happen to mention as a season pass holder, you also receive a free breakfast EVERY DAY if you wanted? Yep! We just made it in time on Friday for a hot serving of hotcakes and sausages. You have to make it there by 10:00am which in my world is next to impossible when I am taking the kids on my own.

Daddy and Kaelen petting Splinter, one of the 15 year old horses that provides the excellent wagon rides.

Mommy and Masyn enjoying our picnic

Daddy and Kaelen enjoying one of the six antique rides.

Daddy trying to control his bucking bronco on the merry-go-round.

Mommy and Kaelen riding high on the old fashioned ferris wheel.

If you ever have the chance to come to Calgary, you have to ensure that you work a visit to Heritage Park into your itinerary. It is VERY affordable for a family day trip, it will provide lots of learning for both adults and children and it will guarantee that everyone will leave the park with a smile on their faces.


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That looks like a REALLY fun day! Let me just say that I am extremely impressed that you made it to the breakfast! To be anywhere by 10AM with kids is VERY difficult! Way to go girl!

Goofball said...

looks like so much fun. You'll have to take us there next time we are in Calgary!

kate said...

that looks so fun!