Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Like Donkey in the original Shrek movie, I am jumping up and down here in the background yelling "Pick Me", "Pick Me"!

Pick me for what? Well, contest guru Steph over at Adventures in Babywearing is having yet another fabulous contest geared towards us lovely Mommies or any Mommies to Be.

Of late I have been thinking very seriously about getting myself either a Mei Tai or a Pouch to wear Miss Masyn in. She isn't overly fond of the Baby Bjorn that a friend had loaned to me, and I do have a Pea Pod but rarely use it because I find it a hassle to wind the yards of cloth up and around me when I am doing quick trips to the grocery store or mall. Plus, I am wanting to get something that is sassy and smart looking.

Being the wealth of information that Steph is, she has encouraged us to check this site out: Mama Kanga and wow ... it looks pretty swanky! If I were to be oh so lucky to win, I would likely choose not one, but two different styles of wraps. Maybe something like this or this or this or this ............

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Excellent choices! So hard to decide! Thanks so much for entering!