Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No Wordless Wednesday

Sorry. I couldn't get my act together to scan Kaelen's picture with Santa this year as today's Wordless Wednesday. Perhaps it will be tomorrow or Friday.

I am nervous today. This afternoon I go for an ultrasound to measure my cervix and of course check out the baby. What makes me nervous is to hear what my cervix length is. I am praying that it is good, but there is that little nagging doubt in my mind that it won't be as good as we would all like it to be. This constant fear of preterm labor really takes it's toll on a person. I have already been in preterm labour twice with this baby and should the cervix length be anything less than 3 cm, then I will be placed on bed rest. Should that happen, well I guess I have no choice but to do it, but it will certainly cause short term chaos in our household.

The big picture that I am focusing on is making it to at least January 15th as that will put me right around the same gestational time that I had Kaelen at (33 weeks). Having been through the Special Care Nursery experience once, we are confident that all will be okay for both the baby and our family. We are blessed to live in Calgary really to have all of these types of services right at our finger tips. And, I swear that the Special Care Nursery at the Rockyview General Hospital is the best around. It is filled with wonderful angels who make yours and your baby's stay comfortable and for us the first time; fun.

So in short, please keep your fingers crossed for me that I have some good news to share tomorrow. If not, you may subjected to more posts like this in the future.


goofball said...

Crossing my fingers right now!!!

Your post also made me think on how we express ourselves differently in different languages. You talk about "Cervix" , a very scientific way. In Dutch we commonly talk about how much "opening" a woman has, in order to judge whether she'll go in labor soon or not.

"Is she due soon?"
"yeah she is calculated for this weekend but yesterday she saw her doctor and she has no opening yet whatsoever so they don't expect it in the next 2 days yet"

"She has to lay down now because she has too much opening already"


"she was in labour for hours because when she arrived in the hospital she only had x cm opening yet"

It sounds very strange translating it directly in English like this. Funny huh.

So anyway, I hope you don't have much opening yet!!!!!

Peanut Butter and Jelly boats said...

Oh, Allie, I am affriad I'm not getting this in time. It's already late in the evening, but I am praying for you anyway. I pray taht the Lord keep that little baby of yours warm and snug in mamma's belly until the right time!