Monday, December 18, 2006

Random Comments

I don't have anything particularly exciting to share despite having a busy weekend. Here are a few highlights of my weekend though:

Friday Night - I stayed home with the little man once I got home from work. My husband's company Christmas party was that night but Kaelen was too sick for us to feel any measure of comfort to leave him with a babysitter, so I told my hubby to go to the party and have fun. I wanted to stay home because I worried about Kaelen all day while at work. Yet, there was a very small part of me that was sad (basically feeling sorry for myself) as this would have been my first social outing in months. That thought lasted all of two minutes and then the guilt seeped in. The guilt only last for about 5 minutes because Kaelen was adament on cuddling with his Mommy to settle in and watch hockey on TV. Once my sick little boy was wrapped in my arms, I distinctly remember thinking that this is exactly where I wanted to be. Why feel sorry for myself when I had this precious little angel wanting to be close to me? Soaking up every minute of our cuddle session, I let Kaelen fall asleep in my arms and I just held him. Gazing down into my child's innocent face deep in slumber, I kept thinking of how truly blessed I am and what a fantastic night this has turned out to be.

Saturday - I particularly love the winter as this means that my husband is actually home on the weekends; that the three of us can actually do family activities as a family together! The three of us spent the entire day together playing, shopping, laughing and cuddling. It even ended perfectly with the Canucks being the feature hockey game on Hockey Night in Canada and they won to boot! Our family was in serious bliss!

Sunday - My company held a children's Christmas party for all of our kids. We decided to take Kaelen just for a little bit to get him out of the house. Kaelen's highlight of the day was getting to see Santa Claus. As soon as Santa walked into the room, Kaelen started yelling and ran up to him to give him a great big hug. After the hug, he came running back to us with a huge smile to tell us that he hugged Santa. As soon as it was announced that you could come and sit on Santa, Kaelen ran up and practically vaulted himself into Santa's lap. At that point he hugged Santa yet again and told Santa that he was a good boy because he liked to share. That promptly caused me to cry because I was so proud of him.

Last night, the three of us settled into our bed to watch Charlie Brown's Christmas. My husband hates those Christmas shows but I insist on watching them especially with Kaelen. Besides, this particular show is one of the few remaining shows that actually reminds kids what Christmas is all about. Due to his nasty chest cold, Kaelen fell asleep and Paul and I just looked at him in his slumber. Both of us welled up with tears as we just couldn't believe how big our baby was getting. After starring at our perfect little boy, Paul moved him into his bed and then jumped into ours just in time for the Survivor Finale. Only, we didn't really watch the show ... instead we spent the two hours laughing until tears came. We laughed about such random things that happened over the weekend and about just plain silly things. It felt so good to laugh with Paul and act like a kid again.


Breanne said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend Allie :o) I look forward to those moments with my soon to be hubby.

Sheryl said...

Sometimes the best times come when you least expect them! I'm so glad you are getting that snuggle time with Kaelen now. You might not be able to as much in a short while! Sounds like a nice weekend at home!