Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Prize for Mommy

After fighting 1 1/2 hours through rush hour traffic last night on my way home from work, I was more than relieved to pull up to my house with the intentions of putting on a nice pair of comfy sweat pants. Arms full of mail, empty boxes to mail Christmas presents off in and my suitcase of a purse, I bang around and eventually get the front door open. Kaelen is wired and is off yelling somewhere and hubby is clanking around in the kitchen getting supper starting seeing as I was so late in getting home. I stagger into the kitchen, unload my burdened arms and attempt to get my coat and shoes off with record speed as I had just received a very unkind boot to my bladder compliments from the little monkey inside my belly, and thought that I would pee my pants. Kaelen is still yelling at the top of his lungs and Daddy is talking to me at the same time. I had a distinct moment of wanting to yell "Calgon ... Take Me Away" .... if only for five minutes to run upstairs pee in the toilet and get into some comfortable clothes.

Instead, Kaelen came running to Mommy, still yelling phrases like "Flowers" and "Cathy fixing backpack". He was very insistent on getting my attention so I cautiously kneeled down to give him a big hug and kiss (while trying in vain not to pee my pants). To my surprise, Mommy got snubbed in her attempt to acknowledge her wild little boy with affection and ended up frustrating Kaelen. Kaelen was obviously trying to tell me something that I just was not picking up on. Kaelen kept yelling "flowers" and "Cathy's house". Somewhat perplexed, I tried to get him to calm down enough so I could understand what he was doing all of this yelling about. At this point, I had assumed that he had come home with a craft or drawing from Cathy's house (Kaelen's dayhome mommy) that he was adament on showing off to Mommy. Meanwhile, hubby is laughing and telling Kaelen to calm down but the longer Mommy got delayed, the louder and more persistent Kaelen became. With patience, thinking if I actually peed my pants that at least I was at home to deal with the repercussions, I followed Kaelen on his obvious quest. Upstairs and into the computer room we go with Kaelen now jumping on the couch, screaming "Mommy flowers" at the top of his lungs.

Still not understanding what my child is trying to tell me, I quickly scan the box of books, the computer and the bookcase looking for a drawing or craft that Kaelen as made. In a motherly tone of voice, I calmly grabbed my flying child and told him that Mommy doesn't understand what he was trying to tell me. Kaelen's response? "Mommy! Flowers! Rrrriigggght there!" and proceeded to jump off of the couch and point to the floor in the corner. There in the corner was a bouquet of wrapped flowers with a card sitting in the dark corner.

Still not understanding quite what these flowers are doing on the floor (as Mommy truly doesn't not receive stuff like this very often. - maybe ... maybe ... once a year if I am lucky), I pick up the flowers and Kaelen starts yelling "Yay" with his hands up in the air in celebration. Hubby is downstairs laughing and telling Kaelen that he spoiled the secret and comes up to laugh with me. I open the card and promptly start to cry. It said this:

"Thank you for being such a good Mommy, good wife and such a trooper"
"We love you very much, Love Kaelen and Paul"

The flowers also happened to be my favourite too - lilies. The card is sitting beside my bed and I found myself reading it over and over last night. Everytime I read it, I would start to cry.

So thank you to my husband Paul and my secret keeping son Kaelen. You made Mommy's day, week and month by surprising her with this gift.

PS - I didn't pee my pants


Debbie said...

Is Paul getting sentimental on you or what eh? That's awesome Alli!! What a great way to end your day, ESPECIALLY after fighting the God awful traffic here in the city. Have a great day!

Sheryl said...

First, a DVR is a Digital Video Recorder. It's like Tivo. Second, Yay for you, and huge points for hubby! Just what a busy pregnant mommy needs this time of year, a reminder of how much she is loved! Third, I'll quote a little Billy Madison here, "if peeing your pants is cool, you can call me Miles Davis!"

sari said...


To the flowers and to not peeing your pants.


sheryl said...

Ok, go to www.tivo.com there is a tap that you can click on called "what's Tivo" That should give you all the answers you need! ;)

beth said...

Love this story.