Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thoughts or Four for Thursday

As I was driving home from work yesterday through the glorious eventful rush hour traffic, I started thinking about life after this pregnancy and what it would be like. Due to a) my morbid humour that only my sister usually finds extremely funny and b) trying with due diligence to not exercise road rage, here are a few randoms thoughts that were whirling through my head. Keep in mind that I am truly thankful for this pregnancy; I really am.

  1. I am truly looking forward to that first blissfully long pee after giving birth. A pee where there is nothing kicking or impending the bladder from functioning like it was meant to function.
  2. Sleeping on my tummy again. I can already envision myself snuggled deep under the covers in complete bliss.
  3. Getting my barely there A cup boobs back. These honkin bowling balls of boobs that I have truly get in the way all of the time. I totally have a new respect for my sister and what she went through with those gianormous things. Good for you sis to fix them up and shrink them. Your life must be so much more enriching! Like, no offense to any readers, but why on earth would women actually want to get them enhanced bigger?
  4. Bending and twisting at the waist with relative easy again. Shoulder checking while driving? Nope. No longer possible thanks. Tying my own shoe laces that always seem to come undone? Nope. No longer possible so I am dependent on other's mercy.
  5. Shaving my legs once a week rather than every second day.
  6. No more panel pants!!
  7. Did I mention having a waist?
  8. Hopefully lose this frizz that used to be called curls. Now only if I could wish away the grey .....
  9. Being able to go for walks and runs again, and just the general freedom of moving around. (I have been on modified rest since week 9 - no exercise of any type ... yes and that includes sex too! Poor Paulie .... ) Being able to horse around and rough house with my son. I miss this the most that Mommy can't get right in there with Kaelen's little adventures of late. Mommy used to be the horsey, Mommy used to be the goalie in the net and the jungle gym for my little monkey.
  10. Meeting this little one. Yes. That will be probably the best part.

What will I miss? Well, I will miss the comfort of rubbing my belly when this little one starts moving around. I will also miss having the pregnant belly to a certain degree as this will be my last pregnancy should all go well for the remainder.


Karen said...

Hey Allie,
I hear ya loud and clear! Although I too am enjoying this pregnancy and the anticipation of meeting these two beautiful additions to our family, I look forward to having a little more freedom with my body. Entering these last few weeks I constantly feel guilty that I don't have much energy left over for Cadence. Luckily she's into reading and puzzles as that is top speed for me right now!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I do not like being pregnant! It's very special, the feeling of that little one inside your body. But the rest of it sucks! (excuse my french) My hair is what we call POKER straight! Yet, since my pregnancies, I have a good portion in the back that is now wavy! Ugh. I do have to say though that I have enjoyed going from a barely B cup to a full D! Although, I'm not a sporty as you. I'm excited for your new addition!