Friday, December 01, 2006

Kaelen Meets Santa

Last year, Kaelen was less than enamoured with good Ol' Saint Nick. I would even go so far as to describe their short interview as a painful session for both parties involved. But, we were those parents that were adament on our son meeting this more than famous individual.

This year we were curious to see how he would react to meeting Santa again. For the past 3 weeks, everytime we came across anything that either resembled Santa or had his picture on it, Kaelen would point and say "Santa" or "Hug Santa" and would proceed to hug whatever the object was. Trying to contain our excitement, we envisioned a memorable meeting between this little boy and great man.

Last Sunday, in an attempt to get a head start on our Christmas shopping, the three of us bravely hit the mall. Our theory was that it would likely be less than crowded due to the deep freeze going on with the weather outside. True to our wisdom, the mall was managable without the usual crowds of holiday shoppers. We thought that it would be a great idea to take Kaelen to the area where Santa is usually to show him that is where Santa comes to visit all of the good boys and girls before Christmas. Kaelen, wired with excitement was all too happy to comply with our little suggestion. Much to our surprise, who was sitting on his great throne but the king himself; Santa Claus. If only I had a camera present to capture the sheer look of awe on Kaelen's face and the three second delay of an exhuberant squealing scream of "Santa! Santa!".

There was no way on earth that Kaelen going to shop without seeing Santa now. Thankfully the stars were aligned and the line up was short (probably because no one expected Santa to be out so early in the season). After a patient 20 minute wait (seriously - this 2 year old boy stood in line patiently) it was our turn to meet Santa. The scene and conversation went a little like this:

Kaelen: Santa! (backing off just a little with uncertainty)
Daddy: Look Kaelen! Santa wants you to sit on his lap.
Santa: Ho! Ho! Ho! Come on over young man.

Kaelen slowly and apprehensively approaches Santa. Just knowing that Daddy is standing there gave him the courage to proceed onto Santa's lap.

Santa: What have we here?
Kaelen: Hug Santa. Hug.

Santa all too willingly complies.

Santa: You have grown so big over the year Kaelen. Have you been a good boy this year?
Kaelen: Hug Santa. Hug.
Daddy: Kaelen ... have you been a good boy?
Kaelen: Yes. Hug Santa. Hug.

Santa again gives Kaelen a hug.

Santa: What would you like for Santa to bring you this year?
Kaelen: silence
Daddy: Kaelen ... what would you like for Christmas this year ... from Santa?
Kaelen: Ocky Ates
Santa: silence
Daddy: in a whisper .... Hockey Skates Santa
Santa: Ahh .... Hockey Skates ...
Kaelen: Yes.
Santa: Do you like hockey Kaelen?
Kaelen: Yes. Ocky Ates. Ocky Stick.
Santa: Ohh .... a hockey stick too? I see. Santa used to play hockey too, but he can't anymore because the elves said that I was too big to play with them.
Daddy: Did you hear that Kaelen? Santa body checks the elves!
Kaelen: Ya .... followed by a look of pure admiration in his eyes for Santa

You see, for a little boy who lives and breathes hockey, Santa has probably just become a bigger idol to him than Wayne Gretzky. I mean, Santa Claus body checks? Wow .......

This little meeting soon came to an end with a really cute picture (which I hope to scan properly and post for this upcoming Wordless Wednesday). After the picture, Kaelen continued to hug Santa to the point he didn't want to leave him, although on the last hug, he didn't overly love the scratchy feeling of Santa's wirey beard. After finally peeling Kaelen off of Santa, Santa gave him a little box of cookies for being such a good boy and told him that he would see him in a few sleeps.

Watching this whole scene put some serious tears in my eyes. Perhaps it was pride or pregnancy hormones, but something tells me that this Christmas is going to be the best ever!


beth said...

Well, I'm teary and pretty sure I'm not pregnant so I'm thinking you would have been emotional regardless. I'm so glad it went well and Kaelen had such a memorbale experience. And personally I love picturing Santa body checking the elves.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Christmas only get's better the older they get and the more they understand what's going on! The wonder adn the excitement of it all! It's enough to turn the Grinch's heart it for sure enough to make a pregnant woman cry!
Merry Christmas Kaelen.
PS Enjoy this last Christmas with JUST Kaelen!

sari said...

"A few sleeps"...I love it!

Santa must be pretty cool, I didn't know there was anyone better than The Great One! ;-)