Friday, December 08, 2006

How Weird Am I?

Okay Kate - I am game! I had posted my "Weirdness" on Sari's blog as a response, so here are just a few of my quirks:

1. At 34 years old, I still to this day can not have any limbs hang over the bed while sleeping as I am convinced something will grab me and suck me under.
2. If ANYONE (with the exception of my 2 year old son at this point), were to use chap stick or lip gloss of mine - I will never use it again and immediately throw it out.
3. If ANYONE (again with the exception of my son) were to take a drink out of my cup, bottle or can - I will not finish it and dump it out.
4. I can't leave my son's room without lining up all of his little critter friends so they are sitting all nicely looking at me for fear that one of them will have a hurt feeling and come and get me at night. See #1 for further explanation.
5. I freak my husband and son out on a daily basis as I still am secretly hoping that I can be a Solid Gold dancer one day, therefore am constantly dancing flamboyantly around the house.
6. Have to brush my teeth with care as I have the most overreactive gag reflex known to man. This flows over to using utensils as well.

So there! I could go on with my list ..... scary thought. Seeing as this is good for laughs, I tag:
1. Sheryl
2. Amber
3. Jenn

Oh ... and PS - Sari .... if you are reading this - who doesn't have leg warmers and that nicely weaved headband just like Olivia Newton-John? I am the real deal man when it comes to living the 80's - particulary the early 80's.


kate said...

HAAAAA! a solid gold dancer. i love it.

sari said...


Tee Tee said...

I loved Solid Gold! I remember watching all the time when we were kids! We could probably qualify for the show together with a wonderful rendition of interpretive dancing!!

I am so #1 too!! Must be a family thing!!!!

beth said...

I am totally TOTALLY with you for number one. I am also irrationally afraid of my closet. Is number 6 because of the pregnancy or is it all the time? I have that always but then it was MUCH worse when pregnant with Sam.

sheryl said...

You are so funny! I don't know if I'm quite as weird as you but I'm on it!

Amber said...

Err....didn't Solid Gold die in the 80s?... :-)