Thursday, December 28, 2006

Working During the Holidays

There are a few pros and cons with having to work throughout the holiday season:


  1. Driving to and from work is a breeze due to the lack of fellow drivers on the roads.
  2. When a skiff of snow falls the night before, driving to work during rush hour traffic takes 25 minutes as opposed to the regular 2 hour chaos.
  3. Tim Horton's Drive Thru takes 2 minutes to get your coffee fix as opposed to the 10 - 15 minute wait in a parking lot full of enraged individuals needing caffeine as well.
  4. You can actually get work done as everyone else is enjoying their holiday season. This means no ringing phones and limited meetings.
  5. You are making money rather than spending it on killer Boxing Week Sales in the mall.
  6. You get a welcomed respite from the guests that are camping at your house. After four days of togetherness, the old addage of "You can love them but don't have to live with them" becomes your mantra.
  7. You can surf the internet at work and not have to worry about feeling guilty if caught.


  1. You can't bask in that holiday hangover of sleeping in, relaxing around the house and gluttoning yourself on turkey leftovers and junk food.
  2. You miss out on the Boxing Week Sales (see Pro Point #5 to soften this blow).
  3. Your following of the World Junior Hockey Championships exists via highlight reels, so you miss out on all of the live broadcast games and excitement.
  4. After spending four solid days with your child, both of you experience separation anxiety upon your first day back to work. This usually involves tears spilt by both parties.
  5. You become a witness (and to an extent, unwilling participant) to office gripe gossip due to others that are required to work and are bitter about it.
  6. Your work production increases at work due to it being so quiet therefore raising the bar of expectations of your productiveness.
  7. You miss out on the entertainment and scariness of your fellow work commuters. This means very little road rage incidents, examples of very poor driving and catching people either singing to themselves or picking their noses.

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Sheryl said...

Seems like you've got a balanced attitude about the whole thing- something I rarely have! I Love being a stay at home mom, but sometimes I think it would be nice to go away by myself all day even if it is to work at a desk! Thanks for the birthday wish!