Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bedresting Momma

It has happened - one of my biggest fears; I am on medical bed rest. For all of the whining that I have done over the past couple of weeks about aches and pains, it has proved that I am not off of my rocker and imagining things. That I am not one big whimp. The discomfort of late has actually been contractions. Contractions at 17 1/2 weeks. Not good. It bites the big one really. As a result, I have been placed on a two week medical bed rest and then from there a decision will be made as to whether it will remain as such for the rest of this pregnancy or if I can resume somewhat of a regular routine.

So, after two days of solitude as I sit here at home, here are some thoughts that have crossed my mind:

  1. I wonder if I can actually hire a person for cheap that can wash my dirty, dusty walls;
  2. I have 32 black marks on the walls of my living room and area caused from hockey sticks, golf clubs and balls hitting them;
  3. I wonder if I could actually get paid for doing book reviews online seeing as I could possibly be reading a lot over the next couple of months;
  4. Why can't I ever match a number on the 649 Lottery draw;
  5. Will I ever feel this baby kick within me;
  6. What will we do if I do end up on permanent bed rest. What is my back up plan going to be;
  7. I wonder if I can actually make a connection with Kaelen telepathically seeing as I can't stop thinking about him and wish he were here with me;
  8. Perhaps I will wake up tomorrow morning and become a creative momma. That way I can make this cool stuff in kid and Martha Stewart magazines with Kaelen;
  9. Is there an online language site that will help me learn the secret language of men, this would be a useful skill to have - especially of late;
  10. Can my dad actually hear my pleas of watching over me and my family;
  11. I don't think that I could be a cat and lounge around all day.

Kind of scary really. I can't imagine what else my ever active mind will come up with if I am on permanent bed rest.


goofball said...

You can practise animal shadows on the wall to impress Kaelen with?

Megan E. Pratt said...

I love you, Allie.

Allie said...

You know what Ellen? Funny you suggest that as Kaelen just received an early Halloween gift over the weekend and guess what it was? It was a shadow book. A book that came with a flashlight and teaches you how to make all of the cool shadows on the wall.

And seeing as Kaelen at one time had a love affair going on with Peter Pan, we had to practice many of the techniques already ....


goofball said...

Besides book reviews, you can do movie/dvd reviews too.

Review popular tv shows, create a seperate blog about it, add Google adds and this way fans will find your site on google, hopefully find it and click throug to related sites and you make money from watching tv???

beth said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry. How are you holding up? Well, I think we knew you weren't imagining things, but I wish it hadn't resulted in bed rest. I really hope this passes soon. I wish I could do something to help.