Friday, October 27, 2006

A Tribute to Mr. Boo

For as long as I can remember, Mr. Boo has been an integral part of my life. He came to visit us when I was just a baby and would continue to come for irregular visits from there on in. Each time he arrived, he brought with him an air of mystery and excitement and perhaps just a tad bit of fear. Despite his oddness, Mr. Boo has always been considered as a member of our family.

You see - I have never actually met Mr. Boo face to face; he is our family ghost. Seriously. Our family has a ghost, so in honor of Halloween just around the corner, I thought that I would let you all know about this interesting individual. I will try to post a story of Mr. Boo's hauntings each day up until Halloween.

Fall 1972

Mr. Boo made one of his first appearances (to my knowledge anyways) on a cold fall night. Mom and Dad had friends over for their ritual weekend of playing cards; crib specifically. For some reason or another, I was put to sleep in my parents room in the middle of their bed. Half way into the night, my parents heard a loud thump that came from their bedroom. Their immediate thought was that I had rolled off the bed. Up jumps Mom to run into the bedroom to ensure that little Allie was doing okay. The thing is, is that she could not get the bedroom door to open - it would only open a crack. The door had been closed to block out the rambuncious noise due to the friendly card competition and of course, a few Kokanees. My mom first tried to open the door and couldn't. She told my Dad that she couldn't get it open so he in turn tried. Low and behold, something was blocking the door from the inside that wouldn't allow them to open the door more than a tight squeeze. What could it be?

It was their bed with little Allie still peacefully sleeping. Somehow, the bed had mysteriously travelled across the bedroom to rest very close to the door. My mom was able to squeeze through the small opening to move the bed enough to allow my dad to get in as well. So the question begs: How did that bed get across the room?

Until tomorrow ...... Happy Hauntings!!!!!!

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Debbie said...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????? that just scared the shit out of me!!!!!