Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Value of Family

I find as I get older that I continually am searching for something. Usually it takes me a long time to figure out what I am looking for. This time around though, I know what I am looking for and just can't seem to get it. I want a happy, loving and warm family atmosphere. One that just doesn't include my small family, but one that encompasses my entire family. I dream of one day having the weekly family get togethers on a Sunday where it gets loud and rowdy. Where the men could sit on the couch and watch football, the kids can run around screaming like banshees and the women can gossip in the kitchen while preparing dinner and sharing wisdom. A routine day where it is just a giving that you go to Mom's house or Allie's house.

With the exception of my sister, neither Paul or I have any family that is even remotely close to us that we could start this tradition. It makes me sad sometimes because I start thinking about all that my family is missing out on with Kaelen and now this new little one on the way. It makes me sad that my children only get to see their grandparents twice a year if they are lucky. To me, grandparents are such an important part of a child's life. I was blessed to have had Grandma and Grandpa Palmer so involved with my life. They were such an influence to my sister and I, and we were lucky in the sense that we got to do things with them whenever we wanted. The adventures that my sister and I had at their house and cabin will last a life time and come every Christmas, I get nostalgic and think of all of the fun times with them. My grandma had such an infectious laugh and my grandpa was truly very hip and down to earth. I flash back to reality and think: Will my children ever be able to think of that of their grandparents?

What about aunts and uncles? Again, I was blessed to have had an aunt in my life while growing up. To this day, I think of my Auntie Janny as one of my best friends. I can go to my aunt for anything and know that she will be there to love me and support me. I pray that my children will have that kind of connection with their Aunties. We all know when growing up, that sometimes you just can't go to your parents for advice or help. Hopefully my children will have an aunt or uncle that they can fall upon should they ever feel that (although I still naively continue to think that I will ALWAYS have an open communicative relationship with my children).

It is amazing at just how important your family becomes once you get a little older and in my instance, have a family of my own. I can't really say that I took my family for granted, but I realize now just how important family is to me personally.


goofball said...

A big big big hug from kaelen's virtual auntie across the ocean.

Debbie said...

I will never, ever, complain about my inlaws or my parents again. Big hugs to you Alli, I know how hard family can be on the heart strings. Maybe they will all come around :) Love ya!