Friday, October 20, 2006

Protector of Mommy

It is Friday night and the three of us are sitting around the kitchen table wolfing down our supper. Supper got off to a late start so all three critters were starving. Half way through dinner, we decided to come up for some air after five minutes of continual shovelling of food into our gullets. Time for some quality family conversation:

Daddy: "Hey Kaelen. Mommy is getting fat don't you think?"
Kaelen: "Yes"
Daddy: "Kaelen. Mommy is fat. Why is Mommy getting fat? You think that we should eat her dinner for her?"
Kaelen: "Yes."
Daddy: "So you think Mommy is getting fat?"
Kaelen: "Yes. No. No. No. Baby in tummy. Mommy no fat."

Sigh .... already my little protector. Now only if I can cook up some serious revenge on my hubby.


Megan E. Pratt said...

At least you have your little guy to protect you from the big bad mean name calling Paulie.

goofball said...

well if he is getting fat, he sure can't have the excuse that a baby is in his tummy.....he will be simply getting fat

Allie said...

Daddy get fat Ellen? Come on now. Don't forget, I am married to a super jock. :)

Besides, it was all taken in a joking context. Paul would never seriously call me fat .... or to my face anyways. :P

beth said...

I love this. I can just hear him thinking it through. That seems like a pretty abstract concept for him to understand so young, no?