Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Whale of A Time

Busy day today and wow, are we having fun! Lets see .... we went shopping, to the Vancouver Aquarium, to Lonsdale Quay Market and met up with family that I haven't seen in years. We took pictures - lots of pictures but A) my sister doesn't have any kind of editing program and many of the pictures are dark so I am hoping that editing will help them out and B) none of us are photogenic. Like seriously. Any picture that involved one of us someone was looking the other way, had their eyes closed or some stupid cheesy grin caught in the middle of a sentence.

But, just to show you that I am not all that bad when taking photos, I will leave you with a few teasers:

One of the hundreds of butterflies in the rain forest section of the Vancouver Aquarium.

Even though editing could be used, this one is still pretty cool with the kids enjoying the dolphin show from below. We didn't get to see the baby whale (which was the whole point of going), but these entertaining and captivating creatures more than made up for the disappointment of baby viewing.

Auntie Tee Tee and Masyn attempting to play in the "nouveau" style of playgrounds in the trendier areas of Vancouver. My kids gave it a royal thumbs down and would much rather stick to the slides and swings.

This is what my sister gets to wake up to every day: the cityscape of downtown from across the bay. Bitch .....

On the docket for tomorrow: more time at the market (because it is so very cool) which is only a block away from my sister's condo. Bitch ...... sorry, I digress. Oh ya, the market, an old style playground two blocks from her condo and a visit to my sister's office, which I might add is stocked full of wine as she works for a subsidiary division of the largest alcohol company in the world. Bitch ......
Oh, but did I mention that I do love her? Yep ... she has a case of wine that she is so thoughtfully donating to me.


Jenn said...

I think your sister should adopted me, wine, Vancouver, sounds great!


Ellen said...

very cool.. my sil may be your sister's neighbor.. they live on 12th and granvel or something like that :) basically right on the water too.. love the pics :) we'd love to go back to Vancouver and visit someday :)

Goofball said...

whaaahaaa, bitch indeed :D