Friday, June 26, 2009

A Flash Of Something

I got home from work late last night. Okay, well not super late but late as in midnight. It was dark, it was peaceful and it was soothingly fresh seeing as I was couped up in an air conditioned building for the previous 6 hours. For me, it takes a little time to unwind from work at the golf course. I serve in the restaurant/lounge up there and most Thursday nights are hoppin. There are only two of us so we work hard and make good money for doing so. And, if I hit the hay immediately when I get home, I will dream of inputting orders in the computer, messing up someones dinner order or dealing with an upset member over some completely bizarre dreamworld situation.

Last night though, I was completely exhausted. It was a long day with the daycare kids and I was alone at the golf course for most of the night, so ran my hiney off. I gave no thought to the bizarre dreams that would occur, instead I was completely focused upon hitting the hay. After washing my face and midway brushing my teeth, I for some reason caught a flash of something in the mirror that grabbed my attention. You see, the bathroom window was open so if you paid attention, you could see what was going on across the street and up the road. Stopping in mid brush, toothbrush frozen on the front teeth, I tried to focus on what exactly the flash was. It took a full minute for my mind to process what I was looking at: a naked man. Yep folks. I am pretty sure that I saw my brand new neighbour walking around in the buff in the middle of the night. Now, each to their own I say and we are all born naked, so being naked shouldn't be a big deal, however, I can assure you that there was no way I was going to hit the hay right away after that for that would be a guarantee for a nightmare or too.

Why? Lets just say that he isn't exactly GQ material - you know, something worth an erotic fantasy or two right out of a steamy, hot bodied, strong, rich kind of man romance novel.


cathyb said...

Too funny!!!!!!I bet you won't be able to keep a straight face the next time you bump into him LOL!!

Goofball said...

on the street? really?

euh....ok then, funny neighbours you have