Sunday, June 28, 2009

Smelling The Ocean

We made it. And, the kids thankfully were blessed little angels throughout the entire drive down to Vancouver. We were up and on the road for 5:00 am and drove to Osoyoos, BC for a picnic and splash in the lake. Did I forget to mention that I also fell IN LOVE with Osoyoos? As in I hope that hubby bought a lotto ticket last night and we won kind of love so we could build a fabulous love shack kind of cabin on the lake kind of love? And, with being from Calgary and now Cranbrook, my kids haven't really been around any kind of water other than a sprinkler, so the novelty of dipping their toes in the lakes was thrilling to say the least.

We spent 2 1/2 hours on the beach there and then drove the rest of the way to Vancouver, pulling into Auntie Tee Tee's condo unit just before 6 pm. You could smell the ocean humidity about 1 1/2 hours out of Vancouver and my body started singing in delight. I thrive on humidity - like love it. My body goes into over drive and thrums with endless amounts of energy just begging to be burned off. After unloading the truck, we took a little walk as Auntie Tee Tee lives one block from an open market place that fronts on one of the major shipping ports as well as overlooks downtown Vancouver. The kids were treated to a cruise ship setting sail, hydro planes landing and the sea bus (ferry) arriving. We were in glorious heaven after being cooped up in the truck for so long.

Today we are off to the Vancouver Aquarium to check out the new baby beluga whale and to enjoy some of the other attractions located in Stanley Park. Don't worry .... I will take lots of pictures over the next few days and will share them with you all. Until later!


Jenn said...

I would definitly come visit you in your cottage in Osooyos.

Glad to hear you made it their safe and sound.


Amber said...

Sigh. So jealous. My family would spend every summer out on Vancouver Island and it is still one of my favorite areas!

Goofball said...

jealous....very jealous....very very jealous